Brad Allen from King's Lynn, Norfolk
from King's Lynn, Norfolk

“I am the Father of 3, and a Paediatric Nurse who has maintained a short, neat goatee for around 15 years but recently decided to 'Let It Grow!'

“My main interests include Slacklining, Kayaking and Archery, whilst I also enjoy long family walks and bike rides.

“Though I have a profound love of Zombie movies, Greek mythology and all things Viking... nothing will ever come close to such classics as The Goonies and The Neverending Story!"”

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Charlie from Great Tey, Colchester
Great Tey, Colchester

A Founder member of The British Beard Club, Essex Beardsman Charlie has been bearded since the age of 19. Since he met his wife at the same age she has only seen him clean shaven once - a brief moment of foolishness soon rectified.

Charlie competed in the 2007 WBMC in Brighton, coming equal fourth alongside our illustrious president, soundly beaten by an architecturally inspired German.

Charlie works as a brewing consultant with several Essex microbrewers, and is the creator of many award winning beers, including CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain, twice over.

Stephen Storey from Eastleigh, Hampshire
from Eastleigh, Hampshire

“I've had a beard for 10 years, short to begin with but it seems to get longer.

“I like classic cars and motorcycles.

“I listen to most rock music from Buddy Holly to Blackberry Smoke.”

Facebook :
Stephen Storey (Greybeard)
Ben Schofield from Bridgwater, Somerset
from Bridgwater,

“My beard has been 5 years in the making (!) currently 250mm (9¾ in.) Full Natural.

“I've also been in a short film called Bearded Envy.

“In my spare time I'm a keen cyclist and love the Bearded Lifestyle.

“I'm also a member of the South West Beard Club.”

Facebook :
Ben Schofield
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Neil Bates from Stockport, Cheshire
from Stockport, Cheshire

“I'm Neil also known as Boff/Boffer, married with 2 great kids and a daft Staffie named Chester.

“I love tattoos, music - mostly punk, metal and reggae but anything really as long as it's loud!

“Currently managing Remedy Bar and Brewhouse in Stockport Market, an excellent bar with great real ale and German lagers.

“Had a beard for 28 years and it's staying!”

Instagram :
Don Lickley from Brighton, East Sussex
from Brighton, East Sussex

“I've had a beard since the mid 90s, but started growing it longer about 11 years ago.

“This year I decided to keep it growing as long as I could keep my nerve, then all the barbers got locked down, and here we are!

“My day job is as a medical librarian, specialising in mental health, although I have done some film and TV work, and in normal times you'll occasionally find me manning the stall for Mr Masey's Emporium of Beards in North Laine, Brighton.”

Facebook :
Don Lickley
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Ron Darnbrough from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
from Dewsbury,
West Yorkshire

“I grew my beard in 1967 when I left school and went to art college.

“I have never been clean shaven but I had to keep it tame and close cropped while in management.

“Now that I am retired I just let it be although it is no longer as thick as it used to be. ”

Facebook :
Ron Darnbrough
Simon from Birmingham, WM
SIMON from
Birmingham, WM

“I am Simon, a bearded lover of a good drink - Real Ale, Traditional Cider, Belgian Beer - Rugby (retired from playing) and music - love Beautiful Days and Bearded Theory festivals.

“I have been mainly bearded since my early 20s, changing between goatee and full most of the time, as well as changing between long hair and shaved head.

“I love my beard (as does my wife when it is not attacking her) and drive an automatic car to maximise beard stroking time...”

Brian from Peterborough, Cambs.
BRIAN from
Peterborough, Cambs.

“My name is Brian and I'm a 57 year old bearded man who has the joy of being married for the past 27 years to an amazing lady called Marion. We have two wonderful children Ellie and Josh.

“I have, over the years, had various stages of beards, goatee etc but it was in December of 2015 that this current beard growth started. This is the longest my beard has ever been and I love it. Not sure what my terminal length will be but I am interested to find out. I was not planning to grow it this long but it just kinda happened…

“I have learnt so much over the last 66 months on Instagram and from Mark Young of Swagger and Jacks Barbers in Norwich. I travel every couple of months to have my hair and beard trimmed - some people think I am crazy doing a 4-5 hour round trip but for me it is worth it.

“I have been a trustee for the charity Nehemiah Construction Ministries U.K. where I am responsible for the publicity and website creation since 2009. I was a chef for almost 24 years but have been a civil servant for the past 19 years.”

Facebook :
Brian Mahan
Twitter :
Instagram :
Stephen from Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham
County Durham

“Having finished my 22 years in the Army, I am finally able to set my beard free !!!

“I am into Orienteering, running (retired Ultra-Marathon nutter!) and Stand-up Paddleboarding.

“We have 2 German Shorthaired Pointers and enjoy a good walk in the woods or up on the Moors.

“I love working with wood, being in my workshop or amongst the trees. I am retraining as an arborist/forestry worker.”

Instagram :
Matthew McGagh from Stockport, Lancashire
Stockport, Lancs.

“Hey I'm Matthew, and I've been on my beard journey for roughly 7 years and I'm loving every minute.

“Never thought a beard could open new doors, but already gained some great friendships through the mutual love of the facial chandelier.

“Looking forward to carrying on my beard adventure with all the fun I'm sure it will bring.”

Instagram :
Frazer Coppin from Rivenhall, Essex
from Rivenhall, Essex

Award-winning Essex Beardsman and Founder member of The British Beard Club. "My first competition was the 2007 WBMC at Brighton where I came first in the Musketeer category, making me World Champion.

"Next I tried my luck in at The European Championships in Germany in 2008 and came fourth, only half a point behind third place so no trophy but the birth of The British Beard Club came from that event.

"My next WBMC trophies came in Anchorage, Alaska in 2009 and Trondheim, Norway in 2011, both second places. Fingers crossed for Leogang in 2015!"

David Treen from Walsall, West Midlands
from Walsall,
West Midlands

“My hobbies are working out, drinking beer and Beards, Beards and More Beards! I have been growing my beard for around 30 months now.

“I am also a member of the Bearded Brummies Thatch, and an ambassador for a beard care company.

“I am a family man and I have a beautiful wife called Kirsty and an awesome son called Logan who are both my world!”

Instagram :
Lee Cutter from Lowestoft, Suffolk
Lowestoft, Suffolk

“I am a proud Veteran after Serving 24 years in the Army. I've taken part in various charity endeavours and am a supporter of Veteran Mental Health Charity Combat Stress.

“I love walking, photography, dogs, the gym, and socialising."

“My music tastes are mainly for modern rock/punk but adore a bit of opera too! ”

Instagram :
Combat Stress Web site
For Veteran's Mental Health
Tom from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA
from Pottstown,
Pennsylvania, USA

“I have been bearded since I was 18. Currently 39 years old.

“I'm a Park Ranger with my local county in Pennsylvania, USA.

“In my spare time, I create special FX makeups and sometimes spend my weekends as a long bearded werewolf!”

Instagram :
Joseph Dabill from Leeds, West Yorkshire
from Leeds,
West Yorkshire

“I'm father of my amazing twin girls and my amazing little boy.

“We love spending time together; married to the most wonderful woman ever!

“Hobbies include clay and game shooting, watching Super League and NRL and also spending every spare moment I get with the family.

“My bearded journey started when I told the wife I was doing No-Shave November, but I never told her which November!

“So now I'm currently 5 years in!

“Member and Moderator of Home Of The Beardos;”

Facebook :
Joe Dabill
Instagram :
Instagram :
Michael Bates from Plymouth, Devon
Plymouth, Devon

“Avid collector of all things weird and wonderful, especially African and ethnic art, taxidermy, and moustache trophies.

“Classic car owner of a 1935 SS100 Jag replica, also doing car boot sales and antique fairs with job lots purchased from auctions and charity shops.

“Ex heavy-rock drummer, also having played with the late Johnny Dankworth at Milton Keynes.

Jimmy Moss from Bolton, Lancashire
Jimmy Moss from
Bolton, Lancs.

Instagram lover                                                                    

Racing quad drone flyer

Cheese eating monster

Chilli loving hot gob

Collector of Things


Night-driving Trucker

Beard-loving barmpot!!!

Dave Sylvester from  Wadebridge, Cornwall
from Wadebridge,

“Here's a brief introduction about me:

“As soon as I was able to grow a moustache, round about the age of 14, I've had some form of facial hair.

“Aged 18 I grew a full beard but that didn't last long, a few months at the most before I shaved, kept the moustache though.

“Then in my mid to late 20's I grew a goatee; the style of it changed over the years, short almost-stubble, Door Knocker, Van Dyke, Imperial. 10 years ago I started to grow the goatee long, then about 9 years ago I decided to go the route of a full beard.

“Now sporting a green dread hawk and back to a long goatee-ish beard.

“I'm Cornish born and bred and extremely proud of my Cornish heritage.

“Avid metal fan and gig goer. Also into Tattoos and Piercing and work as a Body Piercer at Forever Loyal Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Wadebridge, Cornwall.”

Jörn from Wiesbaden, Germany
from Wiesbaden,

“Dear Bearded Fellows,

“My name is Jörn Steiger, born in 1966 in Germany and second-time-lucky married.

“Am recently living in Wiesbaden, but business-wise I also have to spend time at Ulm, Zurich, Lyon and other places.

“For a very long time I used to wear a goatee style beard, but 5 years ago I changed it to George V style and I'm still satisfied with the result.

“Next to my business as a company owner my passion is my wife, my daughter, a good beer in good company, and to take the road that's less travelled.

“Since I live abroad, I am afraid I won't be able to attend many meetings, but I am very honoured to be a part of this fine Club of Bearded Gentlemen!”

Instagram :
Andrew from Ingleby Barwick, North Yorkshire
from Ingleby Barwick,
North Yorkshire

“Hi, I'm Andrew.

“I started growing my beard about 6 years ago. I vary it in length dependent on what style I am aiming for or how my mood takes me.

“I am a keen sports fan, crossfitter, whisky drinker, vegan, animal rights activist, and anarchist.”

Instagram :
Chris Pilgrim from Redcar, North Yorkshire
from Redcar,
North Yorkshire

“I'm Chris, better known as @PilgrimChris, and started growing my beard at the start of Covid19 lockdown. I've been clean shaven most of my life, but decided to try on a beard.

“I'm a long distance backpacker and have hiked many trails in the UK and some in other countries too.

“I love listening to audiobooks whilst working and my music tastes are rather eclectic although rock, metal and blues are my staple music diet.

“I have a dog called Ruby who I rescued after she was found abandoned and she brings my partner and I much joy.

“I've become a little obsessed over beard oils and balms and love collecting different scents from different brands - I'm currently making a custom display shelf for them.

“The photo shows my beard after 20 weeks growth.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Omar Shifrin from Valley Center, Kansas, USA
Valley Center,
Kansas, USA

“I'm Founder and President of The Bearded Monkey Social Club, Valley Center, Kansas, USA.

“Our Club aims to celebrate the love of facial hair, compete in Competitions, make friends while helping charities that help the community, and also helping Club members all of which we've been doing since August 2014.

“My personal Beard Competition History :

After just missing the Partial and Goatee Category top spots in 2014 and 2015 US competitions, I got 1st place in Goatee and Best In Show at the Omaha 2016 competition.

“I hit my three-yeard mark on 12 October 2016.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Luigi from Lund, Scania, Sweden
LUIGI from
Lund, Scania, Sweden

“Although born in Brazil, I'm also an Italian citizen thanks to my maternal ancestry (originally from Tuscany).

“I have family ties in Portugal as well. After living almost 7 years in the United Kingdom, I moved to Sweden in 2009.

“I work for one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturing companies in the world as a Perceived Quality Analyst, but I'm also a copywriter, a journalist and a barman.

“I hold a BA Degree in History and a Postgraduate Certificate in Communication Theory.”

Instagram :
Marty Gore from Hatfield, Hertfordshire
Hatfield, Hertfordshire

“I've had a beard on and off all my adult life.

“Discovering the bearded community on social media has been fun and I'm proud to be a part of TBBC.

“I'm a passionate Queen fan, with several Queen tattoos and more on the way. Love the heavier side of rock music and watch countless horror movies, though love movies in general.

“I adore Laurel & Hardy; purveyor of the nerdier side of life; lover of a good real ale..”

Brendan Johnson from Teignmouth, Devon

“I like brown beer with funny names, and cricket, ideally combined.

“I'm an Interfaith Minister, which means I help people work out and express what their relationship with the divine is. This means in practice I help people create, and officiate at, weddings, funerals and the like.

“I’m also a Steward for the MCC at Lord’s in the summer.

“I’m now also one of the members of the South West Beards, and the UKs 3rd-best Freestyle Beard (2016), and the 3-time reigning Freestyle Beard Champion of the Devon & Cornwall Beard and Moustache Championships.

“I like doing different things, as well as doing things differently.”

Karl Woolbright from Hevingham, Norfolk
from Hevingham,

“I started growing my beard some 6 years ago; before this I had a well trimmed goatee, and felt I wanted to go to the next level and have the full blown image.

“I grow it for me - not because of fashions or tribe followings - and I enjoy my beard.

“I married in 2016 after being together for over 5 amazingly happy years, and luckily my wife loves my beard.

“I am a keen fisherman, I love DIY and am fairly competent, but my main passions are my family, food and Rugby Union (Guinness playing a huge part of it!)”

Facebook :
Karl Woolbright
Rob Catlin from Portsmouth, Hampshire
Portsmouth, Hants.

Married with two sons, Joe and James, live in Portsmouth. Bearded in various styles for years but started my Yeard in May 2016.

“As well as my family, my interests include football, real ale, music, motorbikes and beards!

“I am a Portsmouth FC season ticket holder with my sons.

“Love most music especially Rock/Metal.

“Currently spending most of my time trying different beard oils to find the best!”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Phil Bailey from London and Kent
from London
and Kent

“I'm Phil, 63, a retired HR professional from Dartford in Kent!

“I'm a widower with a 28 year old Son and an adorable cat called Arthur who's 4!

“I've been a fan of facial hair all my life and am very rarely seen without some form of face fur!

“Currently, my untrimmed moustache began in March 2018 and my untrimmed beard began in June 2019; both as a result of accepted challenges!

“My sanctuary is my garden which I love! I also love to travel and do a bit of modelling; (a couple of my images have been shown at the exhibitions of the photographers!)

“I love tattoos and currently have just two (more to follow)! I like to read, walk, jigsaw puzzles, music, theatre and just to be in the company of friends!”

Instagram :
Andy 'Rocks' Docwra from Norwich, Norfolk
from Norwich, Norfolk

“I'm a 43 year old Engineer, and I've been bearded now for over 7 years. I really enjoyed the Yeard so I thought I would just keep on growing. which led on to the Tweard and so on.

“I hit terminal length at about 2.5 years, when my beard then started to fork. Most recently I have had a short beard for a change, plus it's easier with work.

“When I started my Yeard I read a lot on-line and my favorite opinion found was :
Three Things Needed To Grow An Awesome Beard:
1st stop shaving,
2nd throw away razor
and 3rd have a partner who likes beards.

“Thankfully my lovely lady is loving the beard!”

Instagram :
Mo from London E14
from London E14

“I'm a retired nurse with varied interests. A Satanist, polytheist and occultist.

“I like a range of music, rock, country, bluegrass, blues and country rock, heavy metal. Like film a great deal, favourite actor is Tom Hardy.

“I've had a beard (or occasionally moustache and stubble) for 21 - 22 years continuously.

“A good man with a fine beard is thing to be appreciated in my view. I think beards are a natural expression of masculinity and a man always looks his best with a beard or moustache, whether it's scruffy, wild, or well tended and shaped, it's all good.”

Instagram :
Instagram :
Paul from Overton, Hants
from Overton, Hants

“I have found a beard to be a fine thing for a man to sport. I've had mine for a few years now and have settled on a neat, trimmed look. This helps with my work image; I am Head of Youth Work for a national charity, and keeps the wife happy too.

“I play English folk music, teach and practice both Taekwondo and Tai-Chi, enjoy my beer and the company of good people.

“Outside of work I teach taekwondo, tai-chi and self defence.

“I have developed a very particular response to a beard grab - maybe one day I'll make a video to share.

“I'm also a musician - catch my work on my Web site below."

“Current projects include wanting to start a Hampshire Thatch for TBBClub - maybe do some fundraising? Let me know if you're interested.”

Web site :
Raging Pagan
Facebook :
Paul Mitchell
Instagram :
Tony Hedgewolf from Nordmaling, Sweden
from Nordmaling, Sweden

Tony lives in Sweden with his growing family, a dog, two chickens and some fishes.

His facial hair has had a few outings during his life, but the decision to commit to growing for length came about after some life changing events in 2008.

A self-confessed eccentric, Tony enjoys riding his motor bike and has numerous hobbies including music, stilt walking, archery and knife throwing.

The rest of the time he earns a living as a Staff Nurse in a busy operating theatre, where his beard and moustache receive a lot of (mostly positive) comments, including once being compared to a warthog.

Carlton Stovall from Dallas, Texas, USA
from Dallas, Texas, USA

“The beard is around 8 years old at about 16in long, mostly gray with a little brown if looked at in the sun.

“I'm a member of the Dallas Facial Hair Club. I started growing my beard off and on for the last 13 years but not until 9 years ago did I start growing it to compete.

“I won some competitions and placed in some, but not until December of 2015 did I compete in FHL sanctioned contests, with two Best in Show wins since then. C-dizzle is my (FHL) Facial Hair League name.

“I entered DecemBeard in December 2018, and I won 1st in Best Santa Beard category, and then I won Best in Show - there were thirteen 1st place winners including me!

“I am separated from my wife now for 13 years and have two boys and they have their own families with one grandson.

“I enjoy being around people who like beards and I like trains of all kinds, real or toys.”

Facebook :
Carlton Stovall
Instagram :
Chris Scott-Thomas from Leeds, West Yorkshire
from Leeds,
West Yorkshire

“I'm the father of 3 boys. I recently moved to Leeds with my boys and girlfriend from Manchester. I work for NHS Digital.

“Mainly spend my time smashing weights in the gym, playing video games and doting on my family.

“I started growing my beard around 6 - 7 years ago, it took about 6 months to grow then kinda stopped.

“I played Rugby Union when I lived back in Manchester - I miss smashing people at the weekend!

“My Mrs think's I'd look awesome as an extra on the set of Vikings...I'd be inclined to agree ;)”

Twitter :
Marc from Ossett, West Yorkshire
MARC from
Ossett, W. Yorkshire

“I've always had a short beard of some type or other. Then a few years ago, I let it grow a little and got the 'Beard Bug' and the rest is history as they say.

“If truth be told 'Ar' Lass keeps asking for a few extra inches so I keep growing it to please her. I'm now wondering if she's been talking about the beard at all? ;-)

“As I am a Geek and a Nerd, my hobbies are self explanatory but, I love my beers, my bike (I'm restoring a Dragstar 650), my daughters and wife, shooting, 3D printing and comic books.

“There's much more but anything you want to know I'm happy to discuss over a beer... You're buying!

Joe Elgie from Chelmsford, Essex
Chelmsford, Essex

“I'm a true Essex boy, born and bred, though thankfully I don't subscribe to the Essex stereotype. I live in Chelmsford with my beautiful wife Hannah and baby daughter Lily-Bea.

“I have nearly always had facial hair in one shape or form, but things really changed by taking part in Movember 2011.

“From then the transition from moustache to beard was simple - just grow it!

“I took part in BBMC 2012 in Brighton which was an amazing experience and cemented my 'proper' beard growing obsession. I am a proud member of the British Beard Club and equally proud to be an Essex Beardsman.”

Instagram :
Marc Wilson from Frodsham, Cheshire
from Frodsham,

“Hobbies include watching NFL games, football and F1. Enjoy trying different ales, gins and going to beer festivals.

“Massively into rock and metal music, attending gigs whenever possible.

“Enjoy action and 80's horror movies. Bearded since 2014.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Bove Baldwin from Gillingham, Kent
Gillingham, Kent

“Had facial hair since the age of 15 and started growing first while still at school.

“Sported the late 70s 'tache, the 80s designer stubby which finally grew into Full Facial before sporting the Goatee both short and long for over two decades. Currently full again with the beard affectionately known as Bernard.

“Originally from Belverdere, I now call Gillingham in Kent home which I share with my somewhat crazy wife Tracey and our beautiful girl Maggie the Staffy.

“I'm currently Bearded, Bald but Beautiful and my nickname is Bove.”

 Anna Pratt from Bradford, West Yorkshire
Bradford, West Yorks.

“Hi! I am Anna, partner to Matthew and also known as Mrs Geek from Geek Kraft. I love spending time with my family (Matthew aka Mr Geek, 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat and 2 guinea pigs) so as you can imagine it gets quite busy ;)

“My main love (apart from Matthew and his beard) is Crafts and that's how Geek Kraft came about. This most definitely takes up most of my time but I love it.

“Some interesting facts about me - I was a drummer when I was 18 (Wow! That's 25 years ago). I was once a fairy ;) and I make a mean Welsh Cake :)

“Do follow my mad antics below on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Facebook :
Anna Pratt
Chris Holden from Telford, Shropshire
from Telford,

“I love spending time with my daughter and my Staffy, Lexi.

“I enjoy axe throwing, which is a great way to get the aggression out! I also lift weights.

“I like my music heavy! 🤘

“I started growing various style beards years ago, and now can't be doing with a naked face anymore 😁”

Facebook :
Chris J Holden
Instagram :
Karen Parke from Scarborough, N Yorks
Scarborough, N Yorks

“I love going to Metal gigs and Festivals and drinking real ale.

“Enjoy gardening and family. (And being a Glam-Ma!)

“I don't watch TV much but do love Vikings!

“I'm the awesome other half of @Joseph Hugill

“We have a Honda VFR800 bike, so try to get out on that when possible.

“I'm a new starter at Crossfit - so watch this space…”

Therapy Web site :
Karen Parke
Twitter :
Instagram :
Gordon Allan from Liverpool, Merseyside
Liverpool, Merseyside

“I'm Gordon, an expat Scot living in Liverpool, into bikes, drag racing, family… That probably should have come first! Ha ha, only kidding, no really!

“Ooh_err - MUSIC - I love music too, all kinds I mean, it's the way it's put together and executed. I dig classical to gangsta rap, it's all good.

“Love getting my hands dirty and creating something at home, whether it be another mod to our home-built camper, tinkering with my motorbikes - I'm known as gusm2 on the bike forums - or building a new wooden deck.

“I love the outdoors life as well - nothing beats being close to nature!”

Instagram :
Paul from York, North Yorkshire
from York, North Yorkshire

“I live in York now and am retired, but I'm originally from County Durham.

“This is my third attempt at growing a beard and the first time that I've reached the 25 month mark.

“Now I think I have found the beard style that I like, which is a tail-back beard.

“I like rugby (both codes but prefer League)... horse racing... cricket... and beer!

“I'm also interested in WW2 history and military vehicles/aircraft.

“I play guitar... badly. Probably more Clapped-Out rather than Clapton! 😁”

Tim Smith from Leicester, Leicestershire
Leicester, Leics.

“Hey I'm Tim and I have a wide range in music taste from old school Hip-Hop to Metal.

“I am a VW and Rat Rod enthusiast and love spending time at shows.

“Have 2 dogs, and they - my girls, are treated like my kids.

“Me and my other half are soon to be launching a male grooming and speciality balm product company called The Bearded Rapscallion.”

Web :
The Bearded Rapscallion
Twitter : @BeardedRapscall
Instagram : @the_bearded_rapscallion
Jamie Mayers from Peel, Isle Of Man
Peel, Isle Of Man

“I've had a beard for roughly 6 years; started out to see what it would look like but has quickly become an obsession!

“I'm a family man with a little girl and a little boy aged 13 and 6.

“I'm a keen Liverpool F.C fan and get to games when I can.

“I play football once a week and cycle when I can.

“My TV interests at the moment consist of the Vikings series and Breaking Bad.”

Facebook :
Jamie Mayers
Instagram :
Wayne Lewis from Chatham, Kent
Chatham, Kent

“Hi, currently in Chatham maritime.

“Enjoy painting in my free time. (Check it on my Facebook page link below)

“I have been growing a beard for around 6 years and still going strong.

“I enjoy loud music, alcohol and having rest days away from work!!!”

Facebook :
Wayne Lewis
Instagram :
Philip from Durham, County Durham
Durham, County Durham

“I am a member of the Supreme Training Powerlifting Club and I currently train four times a week.

“I am currently in training to become a rostered skater for the Teesside Skate Invaders Mens Roller Derby Team and am also the 1urrent Head NSO for the Middlesbrough Milk Rollers Roller Derby Team.”

Facebook : PJHarker
Twitter : @bdbbu
Instagram : @lfizzle84
Ryan Jackson from Sherborne, Dorset
Sherborne, Dorset

“I have had a short trimmed beard for a few years and in October 2014 I decided to put some proper effort in, and grow a proper one.

“My inspirations are Brian Blessed, Charles Darwin, Santa and real ale. I also enjoy walking me dog Banjo

“My friends at work have started calling me Bin-Ryan, not sure if it's a compliment!”

Twitter : @icklebigbeard
Instagram :
Sean Broadfoot from Edinburgh, Midlothian
from Edinburgh,

“I'm Sean, 35, from Edinburgh, Scotland and am married with 2 kids.

“I'm a fully qualified Farrier; had my own business for 12 years.

Independent review from Horse & Hound : ‘I will only ever use Sean, can't recommend him enough. He's great!’

“Had facial hair of some sort for the last 14 years. Decided to grow a full beard 7 years ago and have had it the length it is now for the last 6 years.”

Instagram :
Andrew Lauder from Falkirk, Stirlingshire
from Falkirk,

“I've had a beard on and off for the last 7 years, with this latest one coming up for 4 years in May.

“Hoping to keep this one till I reach terminal length.

“When I'm not working I like to spend as much time as I can on my motorbike or up in the hills of Scotland.”

Ian Taylor from Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Wakefield, W. Yorks

“I shaved my beard off in September 2015 as I had not seen my face in four years but as the wife screamed and the dog did not recognise me I have grown it back as big as ever.

“Enjoying my diving, enjoying my running, love my wife and dog Obadiah the Doberman.”

David from Carterton, Oxfordshire
from Carterton, Oxfordshire

“I started growing my beard seriously about 3 years ago after leaving the RAF in 2015 after 22 years serving in Germany, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan amongst other places.

“I love going to the cinema, reading, and I also love listening to music and recently started buying vinyl again much to my wife's dismay.

“I particularly like going to concerts; the last one being to see a band called Hayseed Dixie who were amazing. I have quite an eclectic taste in music ranging from The Smiths through to a band called The Dead South.

“I also have a thing for hats.

“I've been married for 23 years and have 2 daughters, the eldest of which is at Uni and youngest in 6th form. We have a boxer called Quinn so called because she's the fifth member of the family.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Ian J Fincher from London
from London

“I am a theatre electrician and lighting designer based in London, having trained in Music and Drama in Liverpool before studying Theatre Electrics at RADA.

“I have had a full beard since 2007, before then having had a number of styles, all short.

“In 2014 I decided to grow out my beard, but cut it back shorter in 2016. My current beard has been growing out since March 2016 with no cutting.

“The decision to grow out my beard was to see if I could grow a longer beard and something for a change. Underneath the beard hiding away are many piercings.”

Twitter :
Chris Ferguson from South Shields, Tyne And Wear
from South Shields,
Tyne And Wear

“Hi, I'm Chris, I've had a beard in one style or another from the age of 15 (started early) when I decided that beards were awesome.

“Currently, and for the foreseeable future, rocking a full beard.

“This usually gets a lot of love/attention/both but is genuinely the laziest thing I've ever done!

“I enjoy riding motorbikes, a good scotch/rum and a quality cigar, never at the same time because I'm not an idiot.😂”

Facebook :
Chris Ferguson
Instagram :
Ashley from Northampton, Northamptonshire
from Northampton,

“Initially I decided to grow a beard as I loved the thought of not having to shave.

“I wasn't expecting the maintenance of a beard, or how I would become so passionate about it.

“I love horror or comedy movies. I listen to many genres of music, but primarily I love my rock/metal.

“I've been married for just over 3 year to the most amazing woman ever (my wife told me to say that ;D ) and love spending time with my family and my black Labrador Bruce.”

Twitter :
El Gutso
Instagram :
Frank Sellers from Wakefield, West Yorks.
from Wakefield,
West Yorkshire

“I started growing my first proper full set at the age of 21.

“I have dabbled on and off since then, full sets and goatees.

“My yougest son was 15 when he first saw me without facial hair, he now has a better beard than I have ever had!

“I like music, the old Progressive Rock from the late 60's and 70's. My first album was Led Zep2 quickly followed by Frank Zappa's Chunga's Revenge and Hot Rats.

“My main hobbies are coarse fishing and making wooden sit-and-ride toys for toddlers.”

Instagram :
Michael White from Bristol, Avon
from Bristol, Avon

“I've been growing my beard, for about 28 months now, because of all the interest my style brings to interested strangers; essentially they are often complimentary and it's a great way to start a conversation.

“My other interests include gym and rackets membership, which is often another place my beard gets talked about.

“Additionally, I play mind sports such as Chess, of which I have become a Master, and Diplomacy which I have played with some success, and I am looking to be more active in online e-sports.

“I hope by joining TBBClub that my ‘Game of Thrones’ beard will help me to land modelling gigs - to be the brand image face of a beverage would be fantastic!!”

Instagram :
Mandy Gurney from Halstead, Essex
from Halstead, Essex

Chief Pogonophile and Chairman of TBBMC 14.

“My love of facial hair started over 19 years ago when I first met my partner Steve, who at the time sported an impressively long goatee - it was love at first beard fondle!

“The flames of my love for facial fuzz were fanned when I attended the 2007 Worlds in Brighton and then the 1st Wessex Beard Competition - since then it has been a roller-coaster of beardy loveliness!”

Dave Roberts from Crosskeys, Caerphilly
Crosskeys, Caerphilly

“Hello, I'm Dave's beard.

“I currently live on his face in the South Wales valleys and put down roots (see what I did there?) in 2014. He likes having me around because it distinguishes him from all the other Daves in his group. He even joined TBBC as part of the self-fulfilling prophecy and now can never shave, ever again.

“He enjoys the weirder things in life and has a large cabinet of curiosities where he collects, makes and sells oddities (see below). His hobbies include taxidermy, music and he has worked in IT for more years than he cares to remember.”

Etsy Shop:
Simon Gray from Alloa, Clackmananshire
from Alloa,

“I enjoy singing and playing guitar, and also painting.

“I ride a unicycle and also compete in the UK's Strongest Man competition.”

Facebook :
Sye Hobbitpower Awsum
Jodie Schofield from Birmingham, West Midlands
from Birmingham, WM

“In 2007 I was in the audience for the World Beard & Moustache Championships as a curious onlooker. Curiosity soon turned to fascination, and I became a Beard Blogger!

“After a few years of papping unsuspecting bearded fellows someone suggested I run a contest in Liverpool. The first BeerdFest was held in December 2012 and was a huge success, even resulting in the formation of local beard club The Liverbeards!

“With a winning formula of beards, beer and music, this bijou beard festival has gone from strength to strength each year and 2015 will be our fourth meet. Brian Blessed is now a Patron and Lifetime Achievement Award Alumni, sending us messages for broadcast on the night.

“We raise funds and awareness for men's mental health charity CALM, and now hold the event on World Beard Day, which is the first Saturday in September.”

My Beard Blog
Video: BeerdFest 2014 Liverpool
Szabolcs Pap from Oradea, Romania
from Oradea, Romania

“My name is Szabolcs Pap!

“I was born in Oradea, Romania.

“I moved to London 6 years ago, and I discovered this super beard club, the The British Beard Club!

“I am now back in Romania, and my hobbies include travelling, smoking cigars, getting tattooed, martial arts and growing my beard!”

Instagram :
Douglas Stewart-Furne from Blackpool, Lancashire
from Blackpool, Lancashire

“Hi - I'm Doug and I live and work in Blackpool.

“When I'm not working I like to travel with my Husband and also enjoy the Theater, music, competing in beard competitions and watching movies.

“Currently my beard is 7 inches but aiming for 12!

“Been growing it seriously for about 39 months but always had facial hair of some description since I could grow it.”

Instagram :
Ian Tyrer from Wallasey, Wirral
Wallasey, Wirral

“I had hated shaving right from day one, my skin is fairly sensitive so every time I shaved I ended up with a red blotchy face no matter how much I prepared my skin. So since the age of about 19 or 20 I just gave up shaving, keeping my chin to around 1-2mm just occasionally trimming with hair clippers. Then in around 2012 I took a blade of any sort to my beard for the last time. I also have had long hair since the age of 18 so there is an awful lot of hair going on up on my noggin.

“I'm currently a diesel master technician for Daf trucks but have tinkered with engines pretty much all my life. A petrol head at heart and I'm currently in the planning stages of fitting a supercharger to my 1973 Mg Midget. (Should be finished by about 2053 judging by the speed I work!!!)

“Music... I like good music... You know, anything that someone's put some effort in to. Mainly punk rock bands like Rancid, NOFX, Me First and the GimmieGimmies and the like.

“That's probably enough about me for now, want to know anymore? Contact me through The Liverbeards over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where I'm an Admin along with Drew Johnson and Ian Wilding.”

Facebook :
The Liverbeards
Twitter :
The Liverbeards
Instagram :
The Liverbeards
Jamie Skitt from Wolverhampton, West Midlands
from Wolverhampton,
West Midlands

“I've been growing my beard for roughly 7 years now, but I have shaven it off once and started again.

“I'm currently a member of the Bearded Brummies but live in Wolverhampton, which raises a few eyebrows... Haha!

“In my spare time I enjoy drinking real ale, football and spending time with my dog.”

Facebook :
Jamie Skitt
Twitter :
Instagram :
Wayne from Torrington, Devon
from Torrington,

“Hi, I'm Wayne! I started me Beard journey a little late in life about 46 months ago at 38 purely from a broken razor, who knew that would be such a good thing.

“I'm a Single Dad to two Amazing Daughters and have a partner who is mother to her two own children. Early on they were not that struck on the face hair; now they all love it, and the other half even threatens me to not get rid of it! My Beard journey has also given me the opportunity to become an Ambassador for a well-known grooming company.

“I live in North Devon and what a beautiful place it is, lots to see and do here along with being a member of The South West Beard Club based in Devon, and with other Beard pages on Social Media.

“I'm a Admin on Home of the Beardos which is on Facebook predominantly, and on Instagram. Come find me there and say hello or on Twitter (see links below).

“2019/20 plans are to attend some Beard Competitions and meet all those amazing Internet Beards that I interact with on-line!”

Facebook :
Lil Wayne
Facebook :
Home of the Beardos
Twitter :
Instagram :
Stu from Morpeth, Northumberland
from Morpeth, Northumberland

“Surf bum, beer loving, family man and bass player in hard rock band Sorry for Nothing from Northumberland.

“Love horror, westerns, science fiction, comedy and gritty films.

“Live for music, love real beer and craft ales, love hanging out with the wife and bairns, love tattoos, and try to squeeze a surf in whenever I can.

“Been sporting a beard since I could grow one but full time since 2011 when the wife said she didn't mind if I didn't shave any more, and it has been getting progressively bigger over the years!

“Current style bushy wild fisherman with Hungarian style stash.

“Did I mention I love beer? ”

Instagram :
Band Facebook :
Sorry for Nothing
Band Twitter :
Steve Lunn from Stourport On Severn, Worcestershire
Stourport On Severn, Worcs.

“I'm 34, engaged and have a lovely step-daughter. I was born in Bromsgrove, grew up in Smethwick, and I now live in sunny Stourport On Severn.

“I work as a Club Doorman, and also work in Security for Harley Davidson at their European Events in Austria and St Tropez, France. I make sure everyone gets along fine, as a few rivals attend, but it's awesome fun though and hanging with the Rock Bands after shift is a bonus!

“I'm Interested in photography and I have a Photo page on Facebook.

“I love watching F1 and films, and drinking with friends and being with family.

“I started growing my beard 1st of December 2014 for bowel cancer I raised £240, and I like it so it's staying! I'm going to let it grow out; Work are fine with it.”

My Facebook:
Steve Lunn
Marc Gibbs from Bebington, Wirral
from Bebington,

“Hi - I'm Marc, originally from Oldham but now living on the Wirral.

“I've always had facial hair in one form or another.

“I started growing my beard about 7 years ago when the Football team I support, Tranmere Rovers, got relegated. I said as a joke I wasn't going to shave until we got promoted!

“When we did in May 2018, I decided just to trim it as I've grown fond of it!

“My hobbies are photography, which I've dabbled with for about 6 years, playing bass in my band and getting the odd tattoo.

“I also do crossfit to try and stay in some form of shape.”

Instagram :
Facebook :
Marc Allan Gibbs
Aleš from Jimramov, Czech Republic
from Jimramov,
Czech Republic

“Founder and President of the Czech Society of Sherlock Holmes, est. 2000, Member of Sherlock Holmes Society of London and several others.

“When I returned from a trek in Slovak mountains in 1984, where I did not shave, I decided to grow a beard and have done so since that time. I am currently playing with and working on my beard style.

“I have retired recently and am living in an area of hilly countryside.

“My main interests are :
Sherlock Holmes, Victorian England and the English Way of Life
Reading a lot
I used to do climbing and mountaineering, but now practice Qi Gong
and am interested in all things esoteric, and Eastern traditions.”

Facebook :
Aleš Kolodrubec
Corey from Kings Lynn, Norfolk
from Kings Lynn, Norfolk

“Guitar-playing Bearded Wonder, currently making beard products for Captain Fawcett!!!

“After having just stubble for many years I decided about 6 years ago to start growing my beard and it's the best thing I ever did!

“I'm currently in a Rock 'Covers' Band called ON THE LEVEL who play a variety of songs. I've been playing guitar since the age of 10 and have never put the instrument down since...

“The tattoos come from being in a rock band, and as I'm a massive fan of MOTÖRHEAD, last year I decided to get a Lemmy tribute tattoo to remember him.

“At the age of 7 I decided to start doing martial arts training and after 10 years of hard work I finally got my black belt.”

Facebook :
Corey Doades
Twitter :
Mike Hood from Cottingham, East Yorkshire
Cottingham, East Yorks.

“I'm Mike, otherwise known as Smurf or Captain Smurf.

“I spend much of my time at sea aboard scientific research ships (hence a new nickname of “Smurfy McSmurfface”), where I am the ship's navigator.

“When I'm on leave I spend a lot of time riding motorbikes and going to bike rallies or music festivals.

“Music and photography occupy much of my time, happily often together.”

Web site:
Captain Smurf
Mike Hood
Peter Chlebus-Jancarczyk from Skoczow, Poland
Skoczow, Poland

“I'm a 45 year old librarian living in Poland.

“I started growing my beard about 9 years ago when my daughter said that she wants me to be like a Santa Claus. But these days she wants me to be like Gandalf. I think that my beard needs more time to be like Gandalf, because my beard is curly and as for now blond.

“My hobbies are genealogy and photography. I love to listen Chris Rea - he's my favourite singer and then it's Loreena McKennitt.

Peter Chlebus-Jancarczyk
Instagram :
Steve from Louth, Lincolnshire
from Louth,

“I started growing my beard 3 years ago, really just to see how it would grow. The rest, as they say, is history. Let's see how long it will grow!

“I'm engaged to my beautiful fiancée Hannah.

“I enjoy playing golf, cycling, walking, backpacking / wild camping, and will watch most sports on the TV.

“I love music, especially rock and blues and am attempting to learn the guitar. Love a beer and a whisky on the weekend.

“My cat George has a goatee 👍 ”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Jeff from Didcot, Oxfordshire
Jeff from
Didcot, Oxfordshire
Going greyer circle beard, with particular interest in Drums, I play in a tribute band to Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers called Damn The Torpedoes - find us on Youtube:
Damn the Torpedoes
I ride motorbikes for fun, slowly now as I get scared easily, keeping two bikes on the road. Make and repair all sorts of stuff for the band and bikes.
Love a beer - more of the draught old beers and ciders than fizzy beers. I have been known to require piggy-backs home afterwards as I get tired and fall asleep...”
Andy from Blackhill, Durham
ANDY from
Blackhill, Durham

“Hi I'm Andy from County Durham.

“I've been growing my beard for about 5 years now.”

Andy was one of the top three in the Yorkshire Beard of the Year 2018 Beard Competition of Yorkshire Beard Days held at the Britannia Grand Hotel Scarborough, with the title of ‘The Viking Sunrise’, and was also winner of the Garibaldi category.

Instagram :
Paul from Northampton, Northamptonshire
from Northampton,

“I am part of the management team of the iBeardClub and also part of the team for the Bearded Rapscallions.

“I am passionate about working with fellow brothers and creating a 360° brotherhood.

“I am also a gadget freak and love my retro bmx's amongst other items.

“I also am part of a digital development company and have been involved in portal/website development and social media stragies for over 22 years.

“My other passion I am involved in is with Vape industry and promoting a healthier choice.

“I have a varied taste in music from The Doors to Old Skool Speed Garage to Guns N' Roses and Nirvana and everything else in between.”

Tom Jolley from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
from Bromsgrove,

“I am a Birmingham City Football Club fan with a season ticket, who enjoys playing Sunday league football.

“I enjoy listening to rock and metal, going to gigs, and watching movies (mainly action and comedy).

“I have an interest in Documentaries, and love watching Forged in Fire and anything to do with Vikings.

“I have been growing my beard for 5 years following shaving it all off, together with my head of long hair for charity in memory of my dad.

“I'm a tattoo collector and love all things to do with ink.”

Facebook :
Tom Jolley
Instagram :
Gábor Püschl from Nagykanizsa, Hungary
Gábor Püschl
from Nagykanizsa, Hungary

“I've been growing my beard for the last 7 years.

“Currently I'm also in Viking Beard Club, and I'm the Captain of the Hungarian Drakkar.🛡 🇭🇺

“I'm interested in architecture, especially castles and cathedrals.

“I am a gardener by profession, and I'm married with two sons.

“I enjoy reading, hiking and gardening.”

Facebook :
Gábor Püschl
Instagram :
James Taylor from Blackpool, Lancashire
from Blackpool,

“I was born and live in Blackpool, and am also a member of The Sandgrown Beardsmen.

“Confession time! I never had a beard until I was nearly 51 - now I wouldn't be without it! I am married to Julia with two great grown up children Oliver and Georgia.

“Other interests - I have a TVR Tuscan (mid-life crisis!) and am a member of the TVR Car Club, love gin, cooking and my Wheaten Terrier show dogs, Albert and Arthur.

“I work in the leisure industry (in health & safety, but don't hold that against me!)

“I love most music (particularly dirty blues or punk blues) - can't abide chart pop tripe (I'm an old fart after all!)”

Instagram :
Mike Mee from Stockport, Cheshire
from Stockport, Cheshire

“I've had a beard for quite some time, but it was, until about 9 years ago, just a "generic goatee". My better half likes the fact that it's longer now. So long as it's regularly trimmed at a hairdressers in Oldham - when you find a good one, you stick with them!

“Interests and hobbies: Due to my day job as a self-employed technical author, I'm forever looking for 'smelling pistakes' in my daily life. Even so far as taking pictures of them or grabbing screenshots from social media and they're all stored on an FB group under the same name.

“Also like real/craft ale, retro and modern computing and 'basic' photography using my smartphone or bridge camera.”

Work Web site :
Mike's Document Toolbox
Non-work Web site :
Mike's Computing History
Facebook :
Mike Mee
Twitter :
Instagram :
Paul McGrath from Monmouth, Gwent
from Monmouth, Gwent

“I've been growing my beard for about 28 months.

“I collect model steam engines, and brass blowtorches.

“I like to read books.

“Motown is my favourite music.”

Facebook :
Paul T Mcgrath
Twitter :
Instagram :
Iain Brown from Littlehampton, West Sussex
from Littlehampton,
West Sussex

“I have always had some sort of facial hair since I was a teenager and it has just gotten bigger over the years.

“I enjoy music, film and being outdoors.

“I play the 5 string banjo (badly). 😉”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Kevin Leah from Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Haywards Heath,
West Sussex

“Born and raised - Hackney, London - Currently live in West Sussex.

“IT professional working from home but with most of my work based outside the UK - consequently work some strange hours.

“At my happiest, fell walking in the Lake District or walking the Cornish coast path.

“I’m in my early 50s and prior to 2012, I had never grown any facial hair.

“Started growing a moustache in 2012 and to make it less obvious, I also started keeping a very short beard (about 2 mm). With encouragement from my Barber, I stopped trimming the beard in December 2014 and have let it grow ever since.

“The photo is from 17 April 2015, fresh back from my barber who trimmed some of the wilder growth. I like it - I get mixed reactions from friends and family. I definitely plan to keep it for the foreseeable future and I am keen to find out what it can do (I was disappointed with the moustache, which stopped growing after 6 months)”

Kevin Leah
Gregg from Sheffield, South Yorkshire
from Sheffield,
South Yorkshire

“I'm Gregg from Sheffield and I've had some sort of face fuzz since leaving school, from epic chops to Fred Durst chin fuzz and on to the full beard I now wear.

“I make cakes; I'm a BJJ Black belt and I teach kids to cook...

“I don't sleep much!”

Instagram for my grappling and beardy exploits :
Instagram to see my delicate hand at work... not choking fools out... :
Darren Foxwell from Yeovil, Somerset
Yeovil, Somerset

“Hi - I'm Darren, a 30-something who's new to the beard game.

“I started growing my face fuzz out of an act of rebellion.

“I'd had enough of shirt and tie jobs and growing my beard became the catalyst.

“I love my music and graffiti and obscure art.

“I'm also a complete sneakerhead, 65 and counting!

“Sending love and appreciation to all.”

Facebook :
Darren Foxwell
Instagram :
Ed from Radstock, Somerset
from Radstock, Somerset

“I've had a beard since I was 15 - only had to lose it for Service in the Light Infantry but kept the tash.

“Got my lifetime's dream of a horse, at age 50.

“I love Nature and the Outdoors and walking with my wife and dogs.

“My last job for 16 years was as a local Postman, but that finally saw the end of my knee joints. I have been diagnosed with early onset Osteoarthritis.

“Life now has taken a different road after 3 joint operations and another 5 ahead, including 2 new knees! I live a more sedate life; my love of Military History and Archeology and reading keeps my mind as active as my body once was.

“My life has always been... Keep Positive!”

Garry Stevens from Birmingham, West Midlands
from Birmingham,
West Midlands

“Qualified Run Leader, Bike Leader, Bikeability Instructor and fitness geek.

“As I lost hair from the top I grew it from the bottom.

“Trying to grow longer beard than my son and my soon-to-be son-in-law.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Richard Evans-Lacey from Warsop Vale, Notts.
from London

Richard lives in the East End of London and works from there as a psychotherapist and kiltmaker.

He has a YouTube channel with his brother Mat Evans (WBMC 2015 - Fashion Beard - 3rd) called Brothers Not Lovers.

His other interests include libertarianism, eating junk food, watching movies, singing, and weight training.

Richard has competed in Beard and Moustache Competitions at World and National level in a variety of categories :

WBMC 2009 Alaska - English Moustache - joint 4th
WBMC 2011 Trondheim - Musketeer - place unknown
BBMC 2012 Brighton - Freestyle Beard - 1st
WBMC 2013 Stuttgart - Garibaldi Beard - 5th
WBMC 2015 Leogang - Garibaldi Beard - place unknown
BBMC 2016 Liverpool - Amish Whaler - 1st
WBMC 2017 Austin - TBC

Web site :
Psychic Plumbing
Kiltmaker :
Youtube :
Brothers Not Lovers
Adam Eden from Heckington, Lincolnshire
Heckington, Lincs.

“I first started growing a beard when I was in college, 24 years ago. I started with a Van Dyke, then different styles of Goatee and graduated to a full beard about 6 years ago as I wanted to see what it looked like - it looked awesome.

“I like cosplaying and foamcrafting, you can see some of my work on Facebook as Prophetic Props below.

“I'm part of a gaming group in my local town of Sleaford playing D&D and Magic the Gathering.

“I'm a happy comic book nerd and a massive Batman and Green Arrow fan.

“I taught myself archery, knife and axe throwing, and find it very relaxing after spending time cooped up in the office.”

Facebook :
Adam Eden
Facebook :
Prophetic Props
Twitter :
Instagram :
Lindley Chambers from Braintree, Essex
from Braintree, Essex

“I am an ex-Soldier and Firefighter who for obvious reasons was not allowed to grow substantial facial hair in the Services, and decided to attempt to grow a decent beard when I retired from the Fire Service in April 2015.

“It seems to be growing well and it will be interesting to see how long it can get!

“I now run a running/outdoors/events company organising events and coaching runners and outdoor skills including navigation and map reading.

“I am also the Chairman of the UK Trail Running Association.

“Remember - having a beard makes you 10% more awesome by default.”

Facebook :
Lindley Chambers
Twitter :
Instagram :
Blog :
The Bearded One
Ray Bereza from Wolverhampton, WM
Wolverhampton, WM

“I've been bearded for 47 years and have had full beards, close cropped goatees and now I have a 77 month old goatee which I have had trimmed 3 times during this period.

“I enjoy all types of music from classical to blues and rock.

“I enjoy a drink of beer and am partial to real ale, and also enjoy a glass of whisky or rum. I play golf and enjoy reading when time permits.

“I have only shaved my beard off once in 47 years, and being as it was a source of merriment for my better half and children to see me beardless, started growing it back the very next day!”

Instagram :
Jay James from Kent / London
from Kent / London

“I've had a beard now for over 7 years and it's become part of who I am. I'm into 1950's vintage culture and its music, Rock 'N' Roll, Rockabilly and pin-up fashions.

“Gym, fitness and nutrition are important in my life. I'm old school tattooed along with mixed Hawaiian/Polynesian.

“I'm a freelance model for lifestyle, fitness, beard, tattoos and rockabilly themes, and also in some screen acting rôles. I also produce and promote pinup rockabilly photography shoots, creative styling and pop up burlesque events through Holdfast Promotions.”

Instagram :
Instagram :
Ray from Llandudno, Conwy, Wales
RAY from
Llandudno, Wales

Amateur photographer who also enjoys reading and going to the cinema.

Member of CAMRA but more often found drinking Tea.

Interested in Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Fantasy. Vaper. Introvert. Asexual.

Facebook : Raydalekcat
Twitter : @dalekcat
Twitter : @northwalespics
Instagram: @raydalekcat : dalekcat
Andrew Darley from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire
from Scunthorpe,
North Lincolnshire

“I started my beard journey about 7 years ago and never looked back since.

“The size it is now means it can take some looking after but it's well worth it for the admiration it gets.

“In fact I'm hoping to grow it longer still.

“I'm into cycling, working out at the gym and I like a beer now and again.”

Facebook :
Andrew Darley
Twitter :
Instagram :
Blake Meyer from Otley, West Yorkshire
from Otley, West Yorkshire

“Transplanted American, adopted Yorkshireman, Dad, Grandad, Quiz Master and friend of Santa.

“Started growing the beard as soon as I retired from 20 years active duty in the USAF.

“Found my true calling a few years ago as the beard led me to becoming a seasonal Santa working strictly for charity. Besides raising 3 kids as a single Dad, being a Santa is the most satisfying and rewarding thing I've ever done.

“Outside of December, you can find me enjoying life with my family, enjoying a good ale and a good cigar while working toward a second retirement.

“Life is great, enjoy the now... The Right Now!”

Facebook :
Santa Blake
Twitter :
Instagram :
Shaun from South Shields, Tyne And Wear
SHAUN from
South Shields,
Tyne And Wear

“Hi, I'm Shaun from South Shields.

“I've had a full beard for about 7 years now and its one of my pride and joys.

“I enjoy rugby, Martial Arts and getting tattooed.

“My favourite drink is ale but I also like whiskey and rum.”

Instagram :
Gareth Edkins from Ripley, Derbyshire
Ripley, Derbyshire

“I'm 37 and from Ripley in Derbyshire.

“I'm a proud father of two boys and family is important to me.

“I work for a family run bakery in Derbyshire and I'm a night shift supervisor. We produce fresh bread, cobs, cakes and savoury products each day to despatch to our 55 shops around the Derby/Nottingham area.

“I have three brothers who are my best friends and we're always out for a beer or a game of footy together.

“I'm currently an active person who enjoys many sporting activities but mainly football. This is only recently due to hard work and determination of losing over 6 stone in weight, which has in turn given me many more experiences in life.

“I recently attended my very first TBBC Members meet with the amazing group of people at The Yorkshire Beardsmen. I was very nervous but they were a brilliant bunch of people and I hope to attend more meets with them.”

Instagram :
Mark Ginbey from Liss, Hampshire
Liss, Hampshire

“I am a keen runner and cyclist with an interest in history and would love to get into historical re-enactments.

“I have had an on-off love affair with the beard, but now I have a girlfriend who loves it as much as me, I'm thinking it's gonna be around for a while!”

Instagram :
Stuart Cheesman from Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire
from Alexandria,
West Dunbartonshire

“I love to play basketball and watch football.

“I listen to rock music mainly but will listen to most things. Films have to have lots of action.

“I'm not a big gamer like I used to be but I will play given a spare 5 mins!

“I'm married with a wee boy who's 8 years old, who I love spending as much time as I can with!”

Facebook :
Stuart Cheesman
Instagram :
Tim O'Hara from Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

“Wow! What an honour to be featured here with such a great group of bearded brethren.

“I am one of the founding members of a club called Mountain Men of Canada. We are just a bunch of guys who run around in the woods acting like Grizzly Adams.

“I am an artist and leather crafter. I am married and have a 36yr old daughter who has NEVER seen my chin.

“My wife is a fantastic lady and my best friend who supports me in everything I decide to do no matter how ridiculous; well, except for the time I decided to shave my beard down to a short goatee.

“My beard at the time measured 23 inches from the bottom of my lip to the end of the beard. That she was NOT cool with, and cried for days...”

Contact Mountain Men of Canada:
Facebook :
Timothy Shawn O'Hara
Steven from Ulverston, Cumbria
from Ulverston, Cumbria

Steven and Helen are based in the beautiful south lakes of Cumbria.

“We are a small family run Kennel Club Assured Breeders Of Working English Springer and Cocker Spaniels.

“I'm a lover of Irish Whiskey and good Cigars. Music goes from Irish folk to Rock.

“I have a passion for working gundogs, fly fishing, country sports and the countryside in general.

“Nothing more I like than to spend time with family and friends on the Lakeland fells.”

TagKai Gundogs
Instagram :
Michael Burns from Liverpool, Merseyside
from Liverpool,

“I have been a beardy since my teens, although I've just spent the last year with a Porn Moustachio, was a bit of a change!

“Currently getting back to my Ginger/Grey roots after deciding to grow my lockdown fuzz into a full beard again, now about 18 weeks in.

“I'm a :
Mountain biker
Father of two Idiots 😁”

Instagram :
Terry from South-West London
from South-West London

“I've been bearded for 7 years and started growing it as a bet with a mate of mine.

“Simply, I said I was not going to cut it for 3 years and he bet a whole day in his tattoo chair if I did it.

“Needless to say he still owes me the session!

“I'm also a member of the Viking Beard Club, UK Drakkar.

“Once You Grow Hair You Never Go Bare!”

Instagram :
David Dade from Brighton, East Sussex
Brighton, East Sussex

David is a long-time beard grower, from age 19, and has sported many styles from Goatee through Franz Josef to Full Beard. Since 1985 he has been 'growing for length', reaching terminal length of 8 ins.(20cm) after only 2 years.

Now retired, David worked for 32 years for BBC Radio as sound engineer and rock music producer. Having competed in 5 World Beard and Moustache Championships, he was chief organiser of the 1st and highly-successful 2012 British Beard & Moustache Championships.

David is also Honorary President, Organiser and Webmaster of The British Beard Club.

Gary Thynne from The Tower Of London
The Tower Of London

“My beard and I hold the position of Yeoman Warder at HM Tower of London and we join a long line of famous and infamous beards that have spent time at the Tower, including other Yeoman Warders.

“My beard first started life while I served in the Royal Artillery and was away on Operations. It was very much an infant in those days and didn’t last long, curse you dress regulations! The beard was then reincarnated as a magnificent moustache with waxable appendages while also away from our beloved shores.

“On my retirement from the Armed Forces my beard returned with great gusto and vigour only to be struck down in its prime by a new employment!

“At the beginning of 2015 my beard once again returned and this time was determined to stay the course! I was honoured to become a Yeoman Warder at HM Tower of London and while my beard was not a requirement for the position I believe in my heart that it swayed the balance in my favour!

“My wife thoroughly approves of my beard which is fantastic because if I had to choose between them I’d be doing my own washing!

“My beard and I enjoy real ale and are members of CAMRA and we love nothing more than wetting ourselves with ales both new and old.”

This is my beard there are many like it but this one is mine. My beard is my friend. Without my beard I am nothing, without me my beard is nothing, I will care for my beard and it will care for me… but my wife will do my washing.”

Steve Warburton from Stockport, Cheshire
from Stockport,

“Hi, I'm Steve aka Dude

“I've had a beard for about 6 to 7 years.

“I play guitar in my band Electric Rebels. I also like Bikes, Rock Music, Beer, going to and playing gigs.

“I've lived in Stockport all my life and am proud to be a member of The British Beard Club. 😀”

Instagram :
Sergio Cossu from Birmingham, West Midlands
Birmingham, WM

“I was born and raised in Sardinia (Italy) and I moved to England 24 years ago.

“I live in Rowley and I started to let my beard grow about 12 years ago now, after I left a job as a Coffee Shop Manager, where I had to shave every day which I hated.

“I like playing and listening to Hardcore music, and I also like good food.

“I have an Instagram page called Show Me Your Hands that features only hand tattoos, as I'm kind of obsessed with hand tattoos - yes, my own hands are tattooed!”

Facebook :
Sergetto Cossu
Instagram :
Instagram :
Mike Stokes from Boston, Lincolnshire
Boston, Lincs.

“I'm originally from Essex but have been living near Boston, Lincolnshire for approx 39 years.

“I've only been growing a beard for the past 3 weeks or so... so I'm really looking forward to this time next year when I hope to have a beard to be proud of.

“I used to work in Healthcare but am now retired, and these days enjoy gardening, Sci-Fi movies, and listening to music such as Heavy Rock / Folk Rock/ Jazz Rock etc... in fact if it rocks then it's good with me! :)”

Twitter :
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Clive McBride from Harlesden, London
Harlesden, London

“I was educated by nuns for 5 years in Ireland, many years ago, and I always recall one of the nuns saying to me that when I got older I would be an artist with a big red beard, which I denied would happen as I was only around 10 years old and beards belonged to old men, and I probably had a ginger phobia too.

“She was nearly right, not an artist and no red beard (it was blonde/brownish when I was younger).

“In Ireland most leave school at 18, and I remember older pupils sporting or sprouting facial hair and I always thought it looked cool, before they were told to shave. So when I left I decided to leave mine to grow and every so often I shaved it off when it got out of hand until the day I discovered beard trimmers. Looking back I've had a beard for just over 34 years. I've had long hair for around 44 years.

“In all the years I've had a beard, I've never used beard products until the last year which coincided with me deciding to grow my beard out. Not been to a barber since I was 12, probably because I'd punch them if they touched my hair (memories of short back 'n sides)!”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Nicola McAllister from Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire
from Hull,
East Yorkshire

“My name is Nicky. I'm originally from Scotland and have lived in East Yorkshire for 25 years.

“I have been a beard fan for as long as I can remember.

“I am married to Vince and have a teenage Son called Fraser and 4 dogs so I'm kept busy.

“I have a keen interest in Tudor History and enjoy watching classic Movies; my favourite being Gone with the Wind.”

Instagram :
Vince McAllister from Hull, East Yorkshire
from Hull, East Yorkshire

“I'm Vince from the East Riding Of Yorkshire.

“I have developed a couple of nicknames since sporting my beard; Viking, Man Mountain Beardy Chops or just simply The Bearded One!

“Love various styles of music ranging from Dean Martin to the likes of Slipknot.

“Into tattoos and have several; love TV shows like Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Walking Dead, Bear Grylls - ultimate Survivor and Ray Mears.

“I would love to escape to the woods and live like a wild man!”

Facebook :
Vince McAllister
Lon Fisher from Leicester, Leicestershire
Leicester, Leicestershire

“Hello, I'm Lon from Leicester.

“My interests include music (metal, jazz, folk, anything really), beer and of course beards.

“I have played guitar for about 17 years and play in two bands: The Whiskey Rebellion who play a knees up mix of gypsy jazz, celtic punk and folk, and with my partner Celia in Elysian who play a cool summery mix of jazz, soul and reggae.

“My beard style is full including moustache and it's definitely very ginger, or as I like to call it Nuclear Orange!

Facebook :
Instagram :
Facebook :
The Whiskey Rebellion
Tom Ince from Wigan, Lancashire
Wigan, Lancashire

“Hello I'm Tom.

“As well as being a member of The British Beard Club, I am also a member of the Liverbeards in Liverpool.

“I enjoy travelling around the country supporting and competing in Beard competitions.

“I previously grew a full beard but I now have a ‘Chops style.”

Facebook :
Tom Ince
Instagram :
Chris Philpott from Featherstone, West Yorkshire
from Featherstone,
West Yorkshire

“46 years daft, father to three grown-up (sort of) kids.

“Been working as a printer for the last 25 years, completed my Modern Barbering course in June of 2014, been cutting ever since, slowly building up my client base so I can open my own shop.

“I also make my own beard care products.

“Happily bearded for 7 years.”

Facebook :
Chris Philpott
Twitter :
Instagram :
Benjamin Waddington from Leeds, Yorkshire
Benjamin Waddington
from Leeds, Yorkshire

“After growing a moustache for Movember 7 years back a good friend of mine showed me some pictures of men with amazing facial hair.

“My friend then bet me that I wouldn't dare grow one like them - never been one to step away from a dare and so here I am, and couldn't imagine life with out it!

“As my facial hair grows very slowly it took some time for me to figure out what my style was going to be.

“I attended my first ever competition, The British Beard and Moustache Championships 2016 in Liverpool; I soon realised I am a Musketeer, and being such a unique style, it really gets me noticed when going about my daily life.

“I intended on growing my facial hair as long as I can for as long as I can and I also intend on taking part in as many competitions as I can because they are awesome! ”

Instagram :
Jamie Fry from Poole, Dorset
Poole, Dorset

“Apart from being bald, tattooed and bearded I work as a Procurement Officer in Local Government where I am also a Unison official.

“I have alter egos as well. I run the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks website and social media. My sanity is kept in touch by crafting.

“I like rock and SKA music. I also like to dress well and drink real ale. I am married with 3 Kids..

Twitter :
Instagram :
Web Site :
Fighting Kantasy
Tom Miles from Wordsley, WM
Wordsley, WM

“36, had a beard in one form or another since 16, started growing it out about 8 years ago.

“Avid Heavy Metal fan, official Lord, heavily-tattooed, caffeine addict, huge comic book fan, especially Vertigo/DC.”

Facebook :
Tom Lord Miles
Twitter :
Instagram :
PS4 Network :
Barry Scrase from Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex
Shoreham By Sea,
West Sussex

“I can remember shaving just once with a ‘safety’ razor when I was about 15; cut and scratched my face and realised I was on to a loser. So I've mostly had a short scissor-cut beard since and always a 'tache which has changed in size over the years.

“I stopped trimming the lot about 83 months ago and got surprised by the results and have no intention of ever cutting it again. In my job as a garden contractor I'm expected to look rustic and windswept; it gives me credibility.

“Joining beard clubs has been supportive because the knowledge that I'm one of thousands makes it easy to handle the occasionally negative comments from the unbearded.

“Having said that I'm convinced that strangers are, for the most part, somehow friendlier and smilier towards a generously bearded face, and their smiles always makes me smile back. Win/win situation.

“Furthermore, the bigger the beard the more people notice you and the more they remember you into the future.

“I'm a single man, just got my big black friendly dog. I've many interests like getting to know the countryside, seeing new places, appreciating the arts, spending time with friends, growing my own fruit and veg. and cooking and eating the produce of course. Beard on!”

Facebook :
Barry Scrase
Daniel Ferris from Colchester, Essex
Colchester, Essex

“Hi my name's Daniel and I'm an Essex Beardsman, originally from East London.

“I work in Project Management within the IT sector.

“I like my cider and have an acquired taste for whisky. I also have a keen interest in tattoos.

“Looking forward to getting to know my fellow beardsmen.”

Facebook :
Daniel Ferris
Mark Greenhill from Leicester, Leicestershire
from Leicester,

“My Beard Growing Anniversary is in October, and have been growing for 5 years.

“I'm into most Motorsport (except F1!), and love Drag and Banger Racing.

“I love Rockabilly / Psycobilly / western swing music.

“Am an appreciator of classic cars. I just need a Hot Rod!

“I enjoy drinking Craft / Real ales. My favourite is Wychwood.”

Bruce Pont from Eastbourne, East Sussex
from Eastbourne,
East Sussex

“Bruce - a proud bearded man from early wisps at 1985 'til now's awesome hirsuteness.

“I like to share my pro-beard agenda wherever I work as a professional sound engineer and as a drummer and percussionist.

“Proud to share grooming tips to the stars and continuing a family bearded tradition started by my Great Grandfather Victor Pont Esquire, Captain in the East Bengal Railway volunteers.

“Happily married to the gorgeous Karon and his Loyal companion Jaipur the golden retriever.”

Web site :
Marc Oxbrough from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
from Melton Mowbray,

“From a hard working farming family background; because of this I love working outdoors and nature.

“I am a family man with a loving wife and two lovely daughters. I love watching most sports particularly cricket, rugby, football, badminton etc.

“I have always had a beard in some form or another but for the last 2/3 years I decided to let it grow out.

“Having done this I am now a brand ambassador for a well-known grooming company, and this has led to many new opportunities.

“A new favourite pastime of mine is appearing in photo shoots; I now love having my photo taken with or without my bearded brothers, this has raised my confidence level out of sight.

“Finally I love a bit of rock music, for example: Guns 'N Roses, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood to name but a few. It always puts a smile on my face.”

Instagram :
Ian from Stowmarket, Suffolk
IAN from
Stowmarket, Suffolk

“Hi to all my fellow beard gentlemen. I'm Ian and my current beard is only 58 months old.

“Always had face fuzz in one way or another.

“I'm an avid fan of beer, rock music and growing chillis of all sorts.

“Got two dogs, and they keep me on me toes! They are called Bella and Bear.

“Hope to get to meet some of you soon when a meet next comes up.”

Tim Miller from Oxford, Oxfordshire
Oxford, Oxfordshire

“I've been a mustache man since 1982. I committed to a full beard only a few years ago. My Turkish barber keeps it trimmed but I have long been impressed by the beards of Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill (ZZ Top).

“I am the curator/custodian of the Abingdon Abbey and a full-time DPhil. student at Linacre College, Oxford.

“I enjoy history, genealogy, traveling, collecting antique books, and photography. Originally from America, my wife and I have been in the UK since 2015.

“I have three children, my boys Ben 31 and Elias 29 often have beards as well. Sara, my daughter, 27 does not have a beard at this time.”

Facebook :
Timothy Miller
Jon Wellstead from Southampton, Hampshire
Southampton, Hants.

“Beard growing, beef eating, graphic designing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt wearing, combatives enthusiast extraordinaire.

“Just started a fightwear brand called Rainha Fightwear with my partner with the aim of supporting and increasing female participation in BJJ, MMA, sports, health and well-being.”

Instagram :
Instagram :
Lee Chapman from Ollerton, Nottinghamshire
from Ollerton,

“Hi - I'm Lee, nicknamed Ch8py, father of 3 kids, and I've been growing my beard on and off for years.

“Always had a fascination for a beard; I think it gives me a sense of pride to be a part of the like-minded gents who love beards. Respect to all you bearded legends!

“I like a bit of gaming every now and then, and I love movies and rock music.

“My family is my life and that's me! 😁”

Facebook :
Lee Chapman
Instagram :
Martin Simmons from Wimborne, Dorset
from Wimborne,

“I've had a beard for over 22 years in one form or another. As a younger man, the old goatee was my preference with my bald head, but now with it greying, I feel a fuller, more natural beard is better suited to me.

“I'm often found enjoying the outdoors, either camping or green-laning with friends in our Land Rovers.

“I enjoy being practical, be it doing a little Leatherworking, woodwork (carving) or metalworking (forge).

“Music is all over the place in my world and really depends on my mood. Just don't ask me to pick up an instrument to play... I can't!

“I'm a big Marvel (film) fan, and again love cinema whatever is on, however prefer more action over period drama.”

Instagram :
Rod Walker from Hull, East Yorkshire
from Hull,
East Yorkshire

“I'm Rod, born in New Zealand but my mum is English, and I've lived in the UK from age of 7.

“I started growing my beard around 10 years ago because my Wife didn't like it! 😉

“I shaved once since but couldn't cope as I looked weird and my Daughter didn't recognize me! 😂

“Now my Wife loves it. I had been trimming to a shorter length, but for the last year I've been letting it grow and just managing the shape. I allow no-one to cut or trim my beard but myself!

“I find the best beard oil is coconut as it's natural and just works best for me. I go for the Lumberjack look as it's awesome! 👌

“I enjoy walking my dogs and being outdoors, I have two English Bulldogs and they're Awesome. When I'm not at work I'm doing fun activities with my 2 girls and my Amazing Wife.”

Instagram :
Mike Davidson from Stockport, Cheshire
from Stockport, Cheshire

“Hi everyone, I'm Mike and I'm from Stockport.

“I have been growing a full beard now for around 23 months as my eldest Daughter said I should.

“I have a Wife, two Daughters and a Grandson.

“I support Liverpool Football Club and never miss a match. I either watch them at home or occasionally go out to the pub and watch them while having a few beers with mates.

“When I'm not at work I'm looking after the family and spending alot of time with them.

“Recently I joined the Stockport Beards Club Thatch and thoroughly enjoy it.”

Facebook :
Mike Davidson
Instagram :
James Shears from Southampton, Hampshire
from Southampton, Hampshire

“I've been bearding on and off since I was 18 years old, my latest beard is only 29 months old after an unfortunate trim by an ‘expert’ barber. I'm just going to let it grow for a bit and see how it goes.

“I'm Married and have 4 children, the oldest is 25 and the youngest is around 116 weeks old.

“I'm very keen to meet up with any groups close to Southampton/Hampshire.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Rob from Pevensey, East Sussex
from Pevensey,
East Sussex

“I have had a beard all my adult life.

“It has been in assorted styles over the years, but in the last couple of years have loved letting it grow full length!

“Now retired I enjoy assorted voluntary work.

“Living near a seaside town enables me to enjoy both coastal and country walks, whilst the local excellent theatre provides much pleasure with concerts, plays and musicals.

“Keeping up with friends and family both in this country and abroad is a must!”

Instagram :
Dave from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
from Sutton Coldfield,
West Midlands

“I have had a short beard since the mid 60's, about 9 years ago decided to let it grow.

“My main interest is photography and am Secretary of my camera club.

“I also run their website below and one for my local MS society where I volunteer.

“I am an armchair enthusiast of rugby and cricket.

“I am a avid reader of all types of books.”

Facebook :
Dave B
Camera Club :
Lichfield Camera Club
Facebook :
Sutton Coldfield
MS Society
Rich from Elloughton, East Yorkshire
RICH from
Elloughton, East Yorks.

Hull FC fan, top lad, top training partner and must have at any party!!

Rugby League
Hull FC
Craft beers
Most Music
Action & comedy films

Twitter :
Steve Cartmail from Birmingham, West Midlands
from Birmingham, West Midlands

“I loves Hiphop music, Ganster movies and going to gigs.

“I've had a Goatee for over 12 years, and now decided to grow it out.

“I'm an IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) Warrior and Advocator/Pubic Speaker.

“I'm also a Member of Bearded Brummies!

Instagram :
Larry Williams from Portland, OR, USA
Portland, OR, USA

“I'm a musician in a local LGBTQ wind symphony, as well as the board chair of the organization.

“In my spare time I enjoy swimming, reading, having pints with friends, and watching movies.”

Facebook :
Larry Williams
Twitter :
Instagram :
Sam High from Lowestoft, Suffolk
from Lowestoft, Suffolk

“A lover of beards from a young age, I have worn facial hair since I was first able to grow a small goatee.

“Over the years my beard has taken many shapes and forms. In 2020 I have taken part in a charity beard shave, and am patiently awaiting my beards return to its previous magnificence.

“Outside of appreciating beards, I work as a carer, and enjoy spending time playing keyboards and guitar in my 2 bands, Imaginary Friends, and a progressive rock band that currently has no name.”

Facebook :
Sam High
Facebook Fundraising :
The 12 Week Beard
Paul Payne from Storrington, West Sussex
from Storrington,
West Sussex

“I've been growing facial hair for quite a few years but only in the last 6 years have I started to see how far I can take it.

“I really like it when someone shouts ‘Man, that's an awesome beard!’

“I like playing football and also enjoy watching my favourite club Liverpool FC.”

David Scott from Castleford, West Yorks.
from Castleford,
West Yorks.

“I have had a beard all my adult life. I first started growing a beard in my early 20's as shaving did not agree with my ’delicate‘ complexion.

“I am not a follower of any sport but have an adventurous nature.

“I tinker with old-fashioned clocks, and am a member of a The University of the Third Age (U3A) singing group, and of CAMRA, and enjoy classical music and adventure films.

“I have been married for 51 years, have a son, a daughter and two grand daughters.’

Kevin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
from Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, USA

“I am very excited to be a new member of The British Beard Club! After following TBBC on Twitter for while, it became obvious to me what a fine organization it is, filled with a huge variety of friendly people who share my enthusiasm for facial hair. Despite living in the US, I wanted to join to make positive connections with like-minded people.

“I have been staring at beards and moustaches since I was five, and could not wait until I was able to grow one myself. While it isn't the thickest one around, I love mine and I fluctuate between a full beard and a goatee during the year.

“My other interests are horror movies, tattoos (mine still aren't done, and I'd love some knuckle work), spirituality, and good people.

“While not a regular drinker, I do hope to do a pub crawl somewhere in England or the UK at some point before I'm too old. (This stems from watching An American Werewolf In London as a child, and thinking that pub they were in looked like fun. Go figure.)

“I look forward to interacting with my fellow members, so please feel free to contact me on Twitter anytime.

“Kevin (though friends call be Bubba)”

Twitter :
Lee Johnson from Stockport, Cheshire
from Stockport, Cheshire

“I'm a keen golfer, and an NFL fan.

“I'm a foodie and also enjoy a drink at my local where it's all about the Session IPAs.

“Recently I became A Viking and a member of the The British Beard Club, and am now a member the Stockport Member Thatch, Stockport Beards.”

Instagram :
Darrell from Grantham, Lincs.
Grantham, Lincs.

“The day I left the Army in 1990 I knew I wanted to grow a goatee, and in one shape or another it‘s always been there. Sometimes long sometimes short. At work I am the only person with facial hair which I am proud of!

“I enjoy bike rallies which seem to be a gathering point for bearded men; beards of all shapes and sizes. I look forward to meeting other beards outside of the biking world.

“‘Til that point my beard will ride free with the wind blowing through it...”

Jim Smith from Stirchley, Birmingham
from Stirchley,

“Originally from Gloucestershire I now live in South Birmingham.

“I like photography, reading, beer, whisky, New Model Army and festivals.

“I came 3rd at Be Beard for Beating Bowel Cancer.

“Married to Shel, we go traveling and the beard introduces us to many people.”

Instagram :
Gordon Brown from Corby, Northamptonshire
from Corby,

“My name is Gordon and I've had facial hair of some description since my early twenties which is nearly 42 years; I think it's because I never had an Etch a Sketch as a child (think about it).

“A couple of years ago I let it grow longer as a full beard and liked it, and as it get longer I like it even more. I do like to keep it tidy though and my partner says I have more products than she does. LOL

“I work with my fantastic partner Sue helping people achieve their dreams which we both absolutely love doing.

“In my spare time I love bell ringing and drinking real ale - often the two go hand in hand. Oh and I collect and drink Scotch whisky and arrange regular tastings.

“I'm on the edge of the Midlands area near Corby and would love to get a local TBBClub Thatch going as I see lots of beardies around! ”

Facebook :
Gordon Brown
Instagram :
James Bassadone from Town, County
from Town, County

“Have been growing a beard now for 8 years, but have not trimmed for the past couple of years with just the minimum of tidy ups.

“I am big into Road Cycling, and country trekking also with my dog.

“Have recently started collecting Corgi toy cars from the 60's and 70's, and also enjoy collecting.”

Facebook :
James Bassadone
Twitter :
Instagram :
Jack Potts from Codsall, Staffordshire
Codsall, Staffs.

“I am a Christian and study scripture.

“I like decent beer and pubs in general, a member of Camra, The Labour Party and enjoy reading, travel and conversation.

“I follow the fortunes of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club as well and am now thankfully retired from work.

“I have had a beard since I was 17; it has changed colour and design as the mood takes me. I am currently rocking the ‘ageing-hippy’ look.”

Twitter :
Sam Sellers from Wakefield, West Yorkshire
from Wakefield,
West Yorkshire

“I first started growing a beard on and off about 7 years ago trying different styles. I have also had plenty of advice from my dad Frank who has guided me well.

“I like music, mainly Metal bands such as Machine Head and Lamb Of God. One of my favourite albums being The Blackening by Machine Head.

“I also like to go fishing, watching Rugby League; support Wakefield Trinity and being a member of CAMRA, drinking good beer.”

Instagram :
Chris Nunns from York, North Yorkshire
from York,
North Yorkshire.

“My hobbies/interests are :






Real ale and hot curry”

“I have two dogs, a French Mastiff (Dogue De Bordeaux) called Beau and a Pugalier called Belle.”

Facebook :
2 Nightingale Close
Twitter :
Instagram :
Sid Wood from Hythe, Kent
Hythe, Kent

“I am into tattoos, and I ride a Honda Shadow 750 cruiser.

“I workout with kettlebells.

“I'm really into cooking, films and music, and like Foo Fighters and Royal Blood.

“I enjoy our small garden, and like pubs (especially Guinness!).”

John Cosby from Chester, Cheshire
Chester, Cheshire

Award winning 8+“ beard and founder of The Deva Victrix Beard and Mustache Club (Chester and Cheshire - find us on Facebook below!)

The love child of Tony Hancock, René Artois, Diego Rivera & Action Bronson.

Chubby in the waist, but beautiful in the face!

Collector of records & tattoos, player of many instruments (all badly) and a farm boy who works at an oil refinery.

Facebook :
Twitter :
Instagram :
Matt from Sheffield, South Yorkshire
MATT from Sheffield,
South Yorkshire

“I am a Plumbing Lecturer in a Further Education college, a husband and father of three.

“I enjoy cycling, photography and generally acting daft.

“I first grew a beard when I became self-employed in 2006; it was then when I got the 'bug'. I have made the fatal shaving error twice but for good reasons when I changed career, however the beard came back, naturally, and now it is well on the way to establishing a decent length.

“I find that in my job the beard acts as a good ice breaker when new students arrive and often sparks the odd one into sprouting a few chin straps.

“My daily routine and care of said beard is to soap wash with an organic 'free from' soap, followed by a good rinse and a 'patted' drying.

“Then I apply a spray-in conditioner and sometimes blow dry on a cool setting in a downward direction to encourage lengthening.

“I have a growing selection of oils, some of which are supplied by my new found batch-fellow. This is applied and combed into gloriousness (new word) first by fingers (nature's comb) then by a long toothed comb.

“I like the baller beard as this is full and makes my pinhead appear normal size.”

Instagram :
Jason from Bath, Somerset
JASON from
Bath, Somerset

“My modest beard and I have been together since 2003.

“A few years later I volunteered to help David Dade organise the 2012 British Beard & Moustache Championships in Brighton.

“I only played a minor role that year but it encouraged me to get much more involved in the organisation of the 2014 Championships in my home town of Bath.

“It was hard work but very rewarding and through the Club and the Championships I’ve met some great people who I’m now honoured to call my beardy friends.”

Dan Ranger from Eastbourne, East Sussex
from Eastbourne,
East Sussex

“Guitar player and rock god in my own lunchtime.

“I was a member of cult thrash metal band Hydra Vein during the 80's but now just play and gig for fun in between real life and family.”

Instagram :
Joe Hugill from Scarborough, North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire

Bearded lover of Metal Gigs, festivals and real ale.

“Always had a beard of some description, although it's greyer now!

“Been a full beard for about 6 years, plaited most of the time due to trapping it in loo seats etc.!

“You can find me below, and my other half Karen on the right, and on Instagram as @hl_rocks

Instagram :
Nigel Callaway from Norwich, Norfolk
from Norwich, Norfolk

“I've been a beard lover all my life. For many years I only grew a goatee with a smooth shaved head.

“In 2014 I decided to grow a full beard for the first time and let my hair grow back.

“Loving the attention the beard gets, but still not sure about the hair.”

Facebook :
Nigel Callaway
Twitter :
Instagram :
Ben from Reading, Berkshire
BEN from
Reading, Berks.

“I've sported beardage of one type or another for a little under 14 years and don't expect I'll ever go smooth again.

“I enjoy walking and generally spending time outdoors as I find it relaxing. I read a lot, Historical fiction and Crime fiction for the most part. I have also been a beta / proof reader on some published works.

“I enjoy a wide and varied choice of music ranging from Foo Fighters, Bush, Metallica & Motörhead to Seasick Steve and Johnny Cash.

“Like any good film but tend to watch Action, Sci fi or comedy.”

Twitter :
@Bendijim (priv)
Instagram :
@Bendijim (priv)
John from Doncaster, South Yorkshire
JOHN from Doncaster,
South Yorkshire

“My life has been a struggle against beard discrimination.

“There is a strong anti-beard movement in my family, particularly my close family. A significant opportunity to grow a beard arose when family members threatened to leave if I did... hence the beard!

“I like real ale and cats. I imbibe the former and stroke the latter.

“I love Yorkshire and its diversity of people. I like fungi, the oldest and largest living organism on earth.”

Lewis from Portsmouth, Hampshire
LEWIS from Portsmouth,

Gamer. Podcaster. Weight loser.

“I'm a 33 year old IT support engineer by day and games podcaster by night.

“I'm currently on a journey to lose weight.

“You can find me on most Twitter and Instagram as Lewie_Kong!”

Twitter :
Not Dick Wilde
Instagram :
Podcast Insta :
Podcast Web :
Ready Player 2
Csaba Budai from Swindon, Wiltshire
Swindon, Wiltshire

“I grew up in Budapest, Hungary and I relocated to England in 2014.

“I love living my life in the country; the people are so nice and the whole country is a dream come true for me.

“I am working for Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd.

“I like to play pool and darts with my friends.

“I'm a person addicted to fitness. For me fitness is not just sport... it's my lifestyle!”

Instagram: @whitediamond_e90
Robotic Woodsmith from Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire
from Cleckheaton,
West Yorkshire

“Hello it is I your, if I may say so, beloved Woodsmith!

“A gentleman of fortune bringing forgotten trees back to life as furniture, art, mischief and affordable Robots.

“My work raises money for food banks and to champion some of my fans causes. Follow along if you will.

“My face is rarely lacking beard .... must dash -[óÒ]- ”

Facebook :
Robotic Woodsmith
Twitter :
Instagram :
Lee Moynes from Dunstable, Bedfordshire
from Dunstable,

“I am a sartorial Gandalf on a mission to find my next bearded adventure in life.

“Trying to make my way in modelling and TV.

“My two daughters and my wife are my everything!”

Fashion Blog :
The Sartorial Yeti
Instagram : @sartorial_yeti
Karl from Greater Manchester
Greater Manchester

“I'm a tattooed and bearded (obviously) football fan.

“I like art - painting and drawing.

“I love spending time with my young son, as well as enjoying a few ales with the lads.

“My Mrs is my best friend and she means the absolute world to me... I'm lucky to have her!”

Instagram :
Jamie Tinto from Leeds, West Yorkshire
from Leeds, West Yorkshire

“Originally from Coventry but have lived in Leeds for 17 years now and got married in August 2017.

“When I'm not travelling to Scotland to follow the famous Glasgow Celtic or watching Leeds Rhinos I'm playing golf!

“I run my own property maintenance company and love all things bearded.

“Had a full beard for about 64 months and ready to keep this bad boy growing to competition standard!”

Instagram :
Matt Nicholson from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
from Peterborough,

“I initially grew my beard back in 2006 as a goatee, when I realised it would make stubble look less obvious so I could get away without shaving every day for work!

“However, my moustache came through a bit thin back then so I let it grow out a bit more to look fuller.

“Then one fateful night I discovered Moustache Wax, started to play, and soon my facial hair became more than just idleness for me.

“I first joined TBBC back in 2010 and have sported a number of styles in that time before finally accepting that the Full Set is for me, now I've learnt how to look after one properly.”

Facebook :
Matt Nicholson
Twitter :
Instagram :
Eddie from Kingsbridge, Devon
from Kingsbridge, Devon

“I'm a natural bodybuilder

“My interests are classical music and online gaming.

“I also love walking my dog Jasper.”

Instagram :
Trevor Rigley from Mountsorrel, Leicestershire

“Hey bearded Folk and Kin - Trev checking in; back in Leicester after a 20 year stint in Ireland.

“Prone to wandering up mountains, gaming and the odd mud run (usually dressed up as something daft)

“Shop keeper by trade but with a keen interest in community and fundraising.

“The beard only came about after a Movember got out of hand and took over my face!”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Simon Lawton from Ryde, Isle Of Wight
from Ryde,
Isle Of Wight

“I had a Beard for over 21 years and shaved it all off 13 years ago - why I don't know as missed it immediately!

“I still have a ‘Bald Spot’, but at 61 years old, am guessing will never grow!

“So will try and get the Beard longer to do a ‘Comb over!’ Ha Ha”

Facebook :
Simon Lawton
Philip Grice from Preston, Lancashire
from Preston,

“Hi everyone, Phil here.

“I am keen runner; I try to get out and about several times a week and often take my dog George with me; done a couple marathons for Charity but these were pretty tough going.

“I also have a quite a few tattoos, some good, some not so good and most are very random (you know how it is!).

“Only been properly growing my beard for a few months (since November 2019) but already I have 'grown' (sorry, terrible pun) VERY attached to it.

“The grooming routine is pretty relentless though; wash & condition 1-2 times a week, beard balm every morning, apply beard oil in the afternoon/evening and then a smidgen more just before I hit the hay.

“Also, I never leave the house without my trusty comb, it is possibly the most important thing I own now!

“Recently purchased a Royal Python, got him around the same time as I started my beard obsession to be honest. He is around 1 year old and is called Sirius (the wife is a massive Harry Potter fan).

“Quite into my exotic animals to be fair, so much so that I am now a member of the North West Reptile Club.

“One animal I would love to own is a tarantula but the wife has threatened me with a divorce - now I think about it, it might not be a bad idea after all (joking, of course!)”

Aaron Storey from Beccles, Suffolk
Aaron Storey
from Beccles, Suffolk

“Although at times it has been longer (and much shorter) I'm proud to have not been clean shaven since around January 2015.

“I have a wide range of hobbies from prop building for my personal collection to juggling, unicycle and close up magic. ”

Facebook :
Aaron Storey
Instagram :
Andrew Sinclair from Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire
from Stoney Stanton,

“Hey Beard Brothers and Sisters! Make sure your seat is in the upright position, your seat belt is on and your tray table folded away 'cos here is my Bio!

“Started growing out a full beard in 2016 and boy has it changed my life! I now model on an amateur basis and represent a well known male grooming product brand.

“I've been lucky enough to go to some cool places and do awesome things with fantastic people all because of bearding! :)

“You'll find me 'trying' to be stylish and in the Gym or the Pub when I'm not away on the high seas surveying the world's oceans on my day job. Avast me hearties! ;)”

Instagram :
Gary Broadbridge from Ramsgate, Kent
from Ramsgate, Kent

“Hi Bearded Buddies! I've had a full beard for about 7 years now and before that a goatee.

“So pleased I grew it out, even the wife has grown to love it, along with my grandsons who find it amusing.

“I work as a French polisher for a hotel company in London.

My interests are Malt Whiskeys, my family and pampering the beard!”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Matt Cole from Rugby, Warwickshire
from Rugby, Warwickshire

“My name is Matt; I’m 32 and I have been growing my beard for a year and a half.

“I’m a very family-orientated man - my wife and I have 2 girls currently.

“I am very hard working; for a living I am a mobile mechanic and refrigeration engineer, and get to travel all over the country.

“I’m also a member of iBeardclub as one of their Moderator Team. An avid vaper, I also enjoy gaming and tinkering with cars.”

Facebook :
Matt Cole
Instagram :
Nick King from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
from Chipping Norton,

“I've been growing my beard for about 2.5 years - I only started growing a beard when I had a bit of stubble and someone at work commented how it suited me.

“Once I'd started, I couldn't stop!

“I also have pictures of my beard growing from the day I started to now - every few months I add another photo to the gallery!

“Outside of being bearded I have a huge passion for animals - living with 3 dogs and also own a small herd of alpacas - all very far removed from my day job in the NHS.

“Am proud to be a member of TBBClub!!”

Facebook :
Nick King
MICK BAXTER from Scarborough, North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire

“I'm a keen golfer! I'm also a season ticket holder at Bradford City AFC.

“I love the TV series Vikings and The Last Kingdom! Love history regarding Vikings and the medieval period!

“Love Ska music and 80's, but listen to anything!

“I've been growing my beard since 2013 to present!”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Adam Podd from Norwich, Norfolk
from Norwich, Norfolk

“In my spare time, I enjoy going to the pub with mates, fixing motorcycles and riding them.

“I also like to do Whisky Distillery and Tasting Tours, and drinking it!

“Favourite music has gotta be Rock and Blues, but a mixture of most different styles.

“I enjoy lots of other activities.”

Facebook :
Adam Podd
Instagram :
Michael from Leeds, West Yorkshire
from Leeds, West Yorkshire

“I decided to grow a beard on my daughter's birthday in January 2015. I'd always had some sort of stubble previous, but would never get past the ‘wild’ stage.

“Since my daughter was born she changed me. I felt different and thought I'll let it grow for one year (yeard) - a year had passed and I felt great with my ginger fuzz! Confidence was high and I looked great.

“Two years and 7 months was the furthest I got growing the fuzz, but I decided to SHAVE!

“My actions were immediate regrets after watching my friend in the sink. I only shaved to see how I would feel and I'm now 100% sure that beard isn't a trend, but a way of life.”

Instagram :
Danny Baldwin from Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire
from Long Eaton,

“I've been bearded for 7 years now and would never go back to clean shaven. The time was right to grow one and it's gonna keep growing for years to come!

“Got married December 2016 - was a wicked day spent with family.

“Sports-wise I've got the bug for running at the minute completed a few 10ks, Lichfield, Mansfield, and the famous Movember Run in November.

“In the past few years I've had a big weight loss - lost 35kg in weight over last few years.

“Music taste - anything from Machine Head to The White Buffalo.”

Facebook :
Danny Baldwin
Instagram :
Drew Biddlecombe from Braintree, Essex
Braintree, Essex

“I'm Andrew but I'm known to my family and friends as Drew.

“I started growing my beard nearly 2 years ago when I changed jobs, to signify a change in my life.

“I enjoying watching films with my family mainly Marvel and DC (Comics) as we all have a child in us.”

Instagram :
Lee Andrews from Rugby, Warwickshire
from Rugby,

“Honoured to be part of The British Beard Club and everything it stands for.

“I've been a competitive beardsman now for 7 years with 2 British titles and 3rd Worlds' placings and a number of UK competition titles.

“I love our bearding community and am the proud Head of iBeardClub, who are the hosts of the 2020 British Beard and Moustache Championships.

“With my beautiful Fiancée Kelly we have 6 kids between us so life is wonderful and busy.

“I'm a spare time Drummer in a band and have an obsession for music in general.

“I believe in doing all I can to inspire and aspire and live by the mantle that #lovewins ❤ 💥 🤛 ”.

Facebook :
Lee Andrews
Instagram :
Instagram :
Trevor Deeley from Southend On Sea, Essex
Southend On Sea,

“How we doing? My name is Trevor.

“I started growing my beard just under 6 years ago. I've had various types of beards since my early 20's.

“I have loads of interest such as music (my main passion) film, comics, football and golf.

“Very happy to be part of this great Club!”

Facebook :
Trevor Deeley
Instagram :
Adam Frearson from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
from Nottingham,

“Born 'n' bred in Nottingham, now living on the outskirts near the Notts./Derbys. border.

“I decided to 'grow it all out' back in December 2014. Up to then I'd had a goatee for about 15 years./p>

“I enjoy travelling and walking in the Derbyshire peak district, and attending competitions up 'n' down the country meeting some great folks.

“Next stop - International Competitions.”

Facebook :
Adam Frearson
Instagram :
Jason Palmer from Washington, Tyne And Wear
from Washington,
Tyne And Wear

“I am a husband and very proud father to 3 children.

“I love Basketball - a fan of Newcastle Eagles, New York Knicks and Houston Rockets, and especially ‘The Beard’ James Harden - and football teams - Newcastle United FC and AS Roma.

“I have no beard length goals, just love having it!”

T I M E N T  B A R B A M

Twitter :
Instagram :
Gary Fowler from Buxton, Derbyshire
from Buxton, Derbyshire

“Three photos of me :

“First with the Goatee.

“Secondly with my boy Stan who at the time of the photo had a longer beard than myself but not anymore,

“Thirdly, showing my love of scooters.

“I have been growing my beard for just over 5 year now and it's evolving all the time, gone from goat to full beard.”

Instagram :
Karl Pearson from Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside
from Newton-Le-Willows,

“I run an online gaming clan of 30-ish people.

“Had a short goatee for about 20 years, then moved onto a fairly short beard for a couple of years and then after my friend's wedding I just let it grow.

“It's now at 8 inches long and growing, the beard that is😄, and I love it!

“Musical tastes always come back to Metal of one form or another. Work-wise I'm an IT Architect. I am also working on a collection of tattoos as well.”

Facebook :
Karl Pearson
Instagram :
Paul Cohen from Droylsden, Manchester
from Droylsden,

“I started growing a beard some years ago when I started The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

“I ride a Triumph Bonneville T120, which is my hobby. I also like mountain biking and walking.

“My other interests include Vintage clothes, comedy films, and Rock and Metal music.”

Facebook :
Paul Cohen
Instagram :
Brandon Wood from Sheffield, South Yorkshire
from Sheffield,
South Yorkshire

“I grew a beard mainly because I have such a baby face!

“The reason I've kept it is because I enjoy wearing suits and having a beard really helps while wearing a suit!

“Most my time is spent playing gigs but along side I also enjoy hitting the snow on my snowboard.

“I enjoy most types of music but mainly enjoy a bit of folk or more rock style music. Not much of a TV lover but I do enjoy a fair bit of gaming!”

Instagram :
Tony from Northallerton, North Yorkshire
TONY from
North Yorkshire

“I'm Tony and I love cycling, especially fixies and our tandem but also regularly unicycle.

“I also like the gym, yoga and walking.

“I'm originally from Hampshire, but now made my home between the North Yorkshire Moors and the Dales.

“Into blues music, tattoos and piercings, and of course the occasional beard.”

Twitter :
Nik from Moscow, Russia
from Moscow, Russia

“Cheers everyone, Nik here. I'm a recovering lawyer from Moscow, Russia.

“I've started my beard journey around 6 years ago, and I'm sure I will never see my chin again.

“I've got several tattoos and definitely need more of those.

“I'm a huge beer enthusiast, single malts fan and wine connoisseur.

“I've got a rather eclectic taste in music, from Metallica to Italian opera with Dropkick Murphys, Mumford & Sons, John Grant and ABBA in between.

“I enjoy cooking, travelling, reading, watching films, walking outdoors, photography and arts, as well as researching and writing stuff on the history of beards and how they've changed and evolved through time.

“I have a developmental prosopagnosia, which in essence means I'm face blind. I struggle to recognise faces, but I can recognise beards!”

Instagram :
Colin Goldstone from Retford, Notts.
Retford, Notts.

“I’ve had a beard on and off for many years but only let it grow longer in 2014.

“The strange thing is my wife always hated it longer so I shaved it off, and she immediately told me to grow it back again... Women!!!!!!!!!!

“I’m currently in the process of retiring on medical grounds as I have kidney failure and am on dialysis 3 days a week.

“My interests are bikes, music and rugby. Sadly only as a spectator these days.”

Colin Goldstone
Peter Bisseker from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
from High Wycombe,

“I'm Peter, 51 and my birthday is on 1st April so I'm an Aries star sign.

“My interests are making Dark Jungle/Rave music; you can find it below, and I also really enjoy growing out my beard and hair.

“My biggest influence is my Dad, when I was growing up, he always had a big beard, I loved it.

“I suffer from Paranoid Schizophrenia - I've had this mental illness for the last 32 years, and am on medication for it. It runs in my late mum's family.”

Facebook :
Peter Bisseker
Soundcloud :
Beat Rapist
Instagram :
Youtube :
Stevie Sparshott from Isle Of Arran, Scotland
from Isle Of Arran,

my Family, friends, Spurs FC, Classic Rock, rock n roll, proper R'n'B, blues and metal, Gibson Les Paul guitars, into f***** loud Marshall Amps, do like a real beer, CAMRA member, single malt whiskies, Friend of Laphroaig, all motorsport, Father Ted, Monty Python, Rabsie Nesbitt, funny f***s and characters, travel especially West coast of Scotland, I'm a part McDonald, love life and live to the full.

“There is no God, only right, wrong, good and bad.

“Real men have beards (meant to be there) and wear hats.”

Chris Snook from Hull, East Yorkshire
Hull, East Yorks.

“My interests are NFL (American football), America in general, and my dog Torben who is an Alaskan Malamute.

“Music : I listen to most music but prefer heavy metal - Movies : I love Horrors but do like any comic based film too - TV : my favourites are Vikings and Sons Of Anarchy but also watch stuff like Peaky Blinders, NCIS, Grim and Ballers.

“I've been growing my beard since December 31 2013 when I finally decided to grow it back after shaving it off for the Territorial Army that I was in for 3 years.

“I came 3rd in the 'Full Beard Under-12-inch' category in the British Beard and Moustache Championships 2016, which was my first competition.”

Instagram :
Andrew Jenkins from Birmingham, West Midlands
from Birmingham, West Midlands

“I had facial hair from quite an early age.

“I worked as a chef for 5 years after leaving school and always had to be clean shaven, so when I gave up that job I grew a beard and never looked back!

“Enjoying watching military films and playing football.

“I've got a 3 year old son and two German Shepherd dogs.”

Instagram :
Dave Percival from High Peak, Derbyshire
High Peak,

“Hi, I started growing my beard around 12 years ago, only had one moment of madness in that time where I shaved it off and instantly regretted it!

“My interests are tattoos, The Gym and trying to make the perfect life for my wife-to-be Elle and our amazing son.”

Facebook :
Dave Percival
Instagram :
Phil Sayer from St Albans, Hertfordshire
from St Albans, Hertfordshire

“I like fishing, clay shooting, riding my Harley Davidson, all with weather permitting of course, and when I can, as I am a lorry driver and don't often get the time.

“I've been a bit on and off with my beard; sometimes grow it fairly long or sometimes done the bad thing and shaved it off!

I like to go to rockin' clubs also (50s and 60s tunes), as that is my music.”

Pratheep Anbalagan from Tamil Nadu, India
from Tamil Nadu,

“I like to play badminton, learn languages (French in progress), spend time with friends, watching movies and reading books. All these are my hobbies.

“I am new to the beard world. After long years of a clean-shaven, groomed and stereotyped lifestyle, I am stepping into a new beginning with my Friendly Mutton Chops.

“ I feel proud and achieved.”

Mark from Basingstoke, Hampshire
from Basingstoke,

“I have had facial hair for best part of 20 years, on and off. But I have been consistently growing and maintaining my beard, in its current guise, for the past 7 years.

“The Movember campaign of 2013 was the last time I was clean shaven, and my daughter's reaction to such a visual change prompted her to not recognise me and cry the house down (she was 11 months old at the time).

“I have a 8 year old daughter and a 5 year old son, both of whom I am devoted to and co-parent/share custody of with my ex. I am originally from Brighton, but now live in the Basingstoke area and work in Reading for a software company.

“I have a wide range of interests and hobbies (martial arts, gaming, cars, tattooing/tattoos, cooker), along with a broad taste in music and movies.

“I love to read, particularly about Greek and Norse mythology as well as the geo-political and relationship history of the UK and the USA.”

Facebook :
Instagram :
Ronald Manasturean from Ryde, Isle Of Wight
from Ryde, IOW

“I had a beard since I was able to grow one.

“It's not the fullest beard but I do like having one, plus I haven't seen my face for a couple of years now!

“Although I have a full beard I do enjoy using a straight edge razor and I'm quite interested in them.

“At the moment I am trying to grow an ‘epic moustache’ although it takes a lot of patience to grow and manage one.”

Lee Evans from Romford, Essex
from Romford, Essex

“I have had beards and some kind of facial hair since I was 18.

“I enjoy the full beard now with an epic moustache. My beard is definitely part of my identity along with various hats that I like to collect.

“I'm well into watching rugby and enjoy reading a lot; most of the time I read 3 - 4 books at the same time.

“I love music and am mainly into rock music between the 1960s - 1990s.

“I am a member of an archery club, a student at college, studying plumbing studies. I'm married with 5 children.

“I am also a member of the Viking Beard Club, and enjoy to smoke a pipe and drink rum to relax or when I'm reading.”

Instagram :
Jack Treadgold from Wythenshawe, Manchester
from Wythenshawe,

“Hi - I'm Jack! I grew my first beard about 10 years ago and now couldn't imagine myself ever again without one.

“I love tattoos, DIY and my family. As a dad of three and recently married, I don't think I'm doing too bad in life.

“It was Staff from White Dragon Tattoo who put me onto The British Beard Club and told me about what the organisation does for charity and I couldn't wait to join.

“It's so important for individuals like ourselves to look out for those who are needing help.

“I can't wait to meet the other local members in person, and thanks for letting me be part of The British Beard Club.”

Facebook :
Jack Treadgold
Instagram :
Mark from Bristol, Somerset
from Bristol, Somerset

“I grew my beard a few years ago to go for the upside down head look. I keep it trimmed because of my job and to match my black labrador Fern’s grey beard!

“I’m a big fan of live gigs and most sorts of music but mainly acoustic and metal, and singer songwriters.

“Love Alice in Chains, City and Colour, Alexis on Fire and tons of other stuff. I’ve been to Glastonbury the last two years with my daughter and hope to do more festivals. I love acoustic guitars and play (badly!)

“Also love tattoos, dogs and Ashtanga yoga, which I’m a beginner at! Also enjoy art, Instagram and vintage clothes.😉”

Instagram :
Kris Marshall from Barton Upon Humber, North Lincolnshire
Barton Upon Humber,
North Lincs.

“I'm a natural-full-bearded rope-access technician, loving the outdoors of work.

“My beard journey started about 7 years ago but had a moment of shaving it off - I cried myself to sleep every night until it grew back!

“Hobbies are stroking my beard on a daily basis; my favourite band is The Beards!

“I like football (Hull City); Films and TV favourites all come in the form of Netflix and Now TV.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Company Instagram :
Ian Stafford from High Peak, Derbyshire
from High Peak,

“I love all music, mostly rock.

“I'm heavily tattooed and ride a Triumph Street Twin 900.

“I clay pigeon shoot most Sundays.

“I enjoy freemasonry. I have two lads of 21 and 23, and I'm very close to my wife / best friend Amber.”

Rob Raven from Norfolk, Great Yarmouth
from Norfolk, Great Yarmouth

“Friday is always Heavy on my Mind, and so is spoiling my Duchess of a wife and the Grandchildren.

“I'm a lover of Northern Soul/Tamla Motown music, old school Scoot's, bikes 'n' cars, and retro at heart!"”

Frank Docherty from London NW1
from London NW1

“I am a father and a grandfather. I have been working in security as a bodyguard and as a member of many security teams in government museums and nightclubs.

“I have been training in the Martial Arts for 39 years, and the English Martial Arts for 33 years. I have been recently promoted to Ancient Maister.

“I also have Dan grades in Jodo, Iaidō and a black sash in Hap Kune Do, and I have been boxing for 28 years.

“I am a practitioner of the Broken Back Seax and have spent many years resurrecting the techniques and style of this ancient weapon.

“I have been in a number of television episodes and documentaries, and currently teach English Martial Arts at Elstree. I teach weapons such as Sword single, quarterstaff, sword and dagger, sword and buckler, cudgel, bill hook, threshals, Seax, dagger, and bare fist as well as self defence.

“I've had a beard since September 2016.

“I love Thriller and Action films, read a lot and listen to a lot of talking books, and listen to old style swing and rockabilly music.”

Facebook :
Frank Docherty
Instagram :
Tomasz Dutkiewicz from Brighton, East Sussex
from Brighton,
East Sussex

“On December 12th 2016 I had surgery and on that day I had my last shave.

“After 4 weeks when I'd looked in the mirror I realised that I look much better with a beard!

“My partner - she was not happy - but I still have my beard and my son loves it 😁”

Instagram :
Steve from Bristol, UK
from Bristol, UK

“I'm an artist of sorts (mainly making woodcut and lino prints) and a bass player.

“I currently also have a day job, but whatever, needs must!

“I've been growing beards in various shapes and sizes for well over a decade.

“You can see my artwork and some other shenanigans on Instagram and in my Etsy Shop at the links below.”

Instagram :
Tim Kirk from Luton, Bedfordshire
from Luton,

“Hi I'm Tim, the proud owner of a salt-and-pepper 57 month old full beard and struggling tash.

“Hobbies? Well there's loads starting with being an ex-Karate competitor and student Iaido, sparking a love of Japanese culture from bonsai, koi, and tattoos - all of which I have.

“Others include camping, walking, cycling - road and off-road, fly fishing and coarse fishing, my love birds, ale, whisky, brandy, watches, Harris Tweed and VW caddys.

“I love : Straight Razors, Sharp Knives (hate a blunt knife as I cook a lot) - and of course my lovely partner Tina!”

Facebook :
Tim Kirk
Instagram :
MattTune-Cohen from Leeds, West Yorkshire
from Leeds. W. Yorks

“I'm a married father of 3 girls, and 2 boys and guardian of 3 dogs.

“I currently work within the security industry but I've worked in a fair few jobs in the past from hotels and clubs to retail and the Army.

“I enjoy watching sports, eating well, having a good beer, wine or spirit with family and friends. I never worry about yesterday, I always think of tomorrow.

“Been growing my beard since June '15 had a few trims at Barber Barber in Leeds. Always on the hunt for a good beard oil.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
George from Wakefield, West Yorkshire
from Wakefield,
West Yorkshire

“I've been bearded in some way or another for the last 8 years.

“I like to listen to all types of music but rock and metal are my favourite genre.

“I also love a good sci-fi film, and have been known to dabble with photography and astronomy.”

Facebook :
George Howie
Marcus from Scarborough, North Yorkshire
from Scarborough,
North Yorkshire

“Born in Bristol, United Kingdom into a catering family where I had my first taste of sales - helping out at the family bakery at the age of 15.

“With over 23 years’ experience in sales, with a majority background in international sales covering such diverse industries such as Telecommunications, Construction and Test & Measurement.

“Currently Sales Director at CorDEX Instruments Ltd, where I have been instrumental in the growth & development of CorDEX’s global distribution network.

“When not working (which is not often) I like to kick back with a pint or two and spend time with my wife, two children and Max the dog.”

Stephen Morris from Coventry, Warwickshire
from Coventry,

“Hey I'm Steve! I've been growing my beard for a little over 6 years now.

“I started off thinking of making a yeard and then stopping, but really got involved in the beard community, so now I'm just growing it as big as it'll get. My beard length is about 17 inches right now!

“I've been running a beard group on Facebook called Valhalla BC. It's a Viking-based beard group, got 3000+ members.

“My hobbies are mainly sports, football being my main one. I'm a coach for my local kids team, and have been doing this for 6 years now.

“Favourite TV shows are Vikings and Game Of Thrones, film-wise would be anything from The Godfather to The Goonies!”

Facebook :
Valhalla BC
Instagram :
Wade Craig from Fayetteville, Tennessee, USA
from Fayetteville,
Tennessee, USA

“I grew my beard just because I like the look of it!

“I'm an avid cyclist - or you might say a serious bikelyst - as well.”

Instagram :
Craig from Wretton, Norfolk
from Wretton, Norfolk

“I am a Norfolk man and love the countryside.

“A few years ago I just decided to grow a beard and have never looked back. Now loving the beard life.

“I work for Volvo and love cars.

“Like a wide range of music.

“My philosphy is that life shouldn't be taken too seriously!”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Ben Curtis from Liverpool, Merseyside
Liverpool, Merseyside

“I am 45 years old and I have two beautiful daughters who are my everything. They are my beard's biggest fans!

“I work in Security for an oil company and it's great.

“I've had a beard for many years but it is currently quite small, I aim to grow it a bit bigger again.”

Instagram :
Danny Ransom from Hull, East Yorkshire
from Hull,
East Yorkshire

“I've had my beard now for nearly 8 years in various stages of growth and style. I first grew it as I approached 40 as part of a ‘things to do before your 40’, and I've never looked back.

“As well as enjoying the aesthetic of a beard I've really enjoyed getting back into the habit of visiting the barber's shop. I've missed 20 years of pampering and I'm enjoying been back in the chair.

“If your in East Yorkshire I heartily recommend @greasyfingers_barbershop in Trinity Square, Hull. They've kept me on track throughout the itchy/wavy/curly stages of growing a beard.

“I'm a mechanical engineer having spent 20+ years in the aerospace industry and I'm now working in the manufacturing sector.

“Happily married, I split my time between Family, Real Ale and Table top Gaming alongside supporting Hull FC Rugby League Team. Although not always in that order!


Twitter :
Instagram :
Alan Gardner from Sleaford, Lincolnshire
Sleaford, Lincolnshire

“I'm a massive 49ers, Giants and Warriors fan, and an Arsenal supporter.

“I enjoy collecting vinyl and music-related things.

“A keen gamer when time permits, in between being a husband and father to four daughters, two with diagnosed autism.

“Been bearded on and off for 7 years and I would be lost without my face fuzz!”

Peter Tyers from Swadlincote, Derbyshire
from Swadlincote,

“I've been growing my beard for over 4 years now and love it (even if my girlfriend tries to talk me into getting rid).

“I'm passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and train whenever possible.

“A bit of a geek and love DC movies, series and comics.”

Facebook :
Peter Tyers
Instagram :
Cam Bartlett from Stockport, Cheshire
from Stockport,

“I've had a beard for a few years now.

“When I first started growing, I realised I loved having a beard so carried on growing it!

“Thanks to the beard, I met ‘Staff’ of White Dragon Studios, who introduced me to Stockport Beards Thatch!

“Outside of being a bearded gent, I'm a motorcycle enthusiast and a music lover, particularly rock.

“I work in the university sector and enjoy a good Scotch whisky”

Instagram :
David Cantrell from Thornton Heath, London
from London, UK

“I've been bearded all my adult life apart from a year when I worked in the City, and would rather scrape all my skin off than do that again.

“These days I am in Shoreditch, surrounded by hipsters with their trendy beards & skinny jeans, but I take solace in having been a beardy eccentric since before many of them were born. I am not a shallow follower of fashion like them but a trend-setter!

“I play the ancient Oriental game of Go, where there is a correlation between a player's ability and the length of his beard; and enjoy going to cricket matches, drinking fine ale, and talking rubbish all day.”

David's website:
Leigh Walker from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
from Bromsgrove,

“I've been growing my beard seriously for about 6 years.

“I'm also a member of the Bearded Brummies beard club.

“I'm a singer/songwriter for the rock band Turned It To Stone.

“I'm also a keen amateur historian and I volunteer for the Birmingham Conservation Trust at The Coffin Works.”

Band Instagram :
Scott Boulton from Stroud, Gloucestershire
Scott Boulton
from Stroud,

“I started growing my beard maybe around 7 years ago; it started as laziness if I'm honest, but then I started to care for it and started loving it!

“I have a varied taste in music and can often be found walking round Record Shops looking for vintage vinyl! Also love nothing more than watching a decent film to try and chill out.

“I'm Match Secretary of my local non-league football team Brimscombe A.F.C.

“Sport is massive for me, and I also write for an American Sports blog where I mostly write about Ice Hockey despite following most American Sport.”

Facebook :
Scott Boulton
Twitter :
Instagram :
Instagram :
Sports Geek
Paul Prest from Hartlepool, County Durham
from Hartlepool,
County Durham

“I am a big ole' unit with an arm-full of tattoos, a head missing hair and a ginger beard!

“Massive fan of Sci-Fi, Horror and B-Movies as well as being a gamer/angler and lover of Middlesbrough Football Club.

“Father to a 5 year old girl who ruins my life and Fiancé to a beautiful lady who rules what isn't ruined!”

Gareth Wright from Bradford, West Yorkshire
from Bradford,
West Yorkshire

“I'm a former player in the charity Goth football team Real Gothic FC.

“I'm currently spending my free time between being an amateur photographer, an real ale enthusiast and an Online Rock DJ on Mayhem Radio UK - a Rock and Metal podcast playing 70's classics to the latest releases, hair metal to death metal and everything in between.

“Working in the signage industry for over 21 years, primarily as a Glass Bender (Neon sign maker) and that's where the Gazneon comes from!

Facebook :
Gareth Wright
Twitter :
Instagram :
Instagram :
Windy Miller from Poole, Dorset
from Poole, Dorset

“I retired in 2017 and am looking forward to any new experiences or opportunities that come my way.

“I have had a modest beard for most of my adult life.

“One day I realized that most men never know what they really would look like had nature been allowed to have taken its course without need of razor or scissors. The end result in my case is pictured above.

“I have been in a few films and TV shows because of my beard and it has given me the opportunity to travel the country and be paid well for it.

“I enjoy weekends away in my camper-van, and attending the occasional festival or two.”

Steven Jordan from Hull, East Yorkshire
from Hull,
East Yorkshire

“I have had a goatee beard for the last 23 years, and have only started growing a full beard in the last 59 months.

“I like going to the pub and riding my motorbike, and going to bike shows.

“My favourite films are Horrors, especially Rob Zombie films. I like Rock / Heavy metal music.

“I like tattoos and the TV series Counting Cars, Fast and Loud, Moonshiners and Mountain Monsters.

Instagram :
Paul Norton from Yeovil, Somerset
from Yeovil,

Age: 39
Relationship: Single
Profession: Software Architect
Hobbies: Fishkeeping, Gaming, Game Design, Ballroom and Latin Dancing
Sports: Swimming, Cycling, Badminton, Hiking

Mark Young from Wymondham, Norfolk
Wymondham, Norfolk

“I am a Master Barber with 36 years experience in the industry and the founder of the Swagger & Jacks Barbershop brand and range of gentlemen’s grooming products.

“I am a proud member of the Norfolk Beards and invite you to check out our website below and follow our social media.

Markus Rabl from Worthing, West Sussex
from Worthing,
West Sussex

“My name is Markus I live in Worthing with my wife.

“I love nature, outdoor, survival and bushcraft pursuits, music, fine ales, rums and whiskies, smoking my vintage pipe and I love travelling too.

“I had facial hair on and off for the last 28 years in a variety of styles.

“I am a very sociable chap and have a wide range of interests from collecting vintage pipes, pocket knifes and patches to anything to do with Land Rover and the Military, and I love anything Nordic and Viking.”

Instagram :
John from Basingstoke, Hampshire
from Basingstoke,

“Having flirted with beard growing since my 20s this is the first time I've gone beyond the 6 or 8 week stage. I'm now about three years in.

“I started off with a more shaped look, but for a year or so I've gone a bit more natural. I suspect I'll trim it to a better shape once it's grown out a bit more.

“Having said that, I suspect that it's stopped growing, as I've not seen much of an increase in length in the past 6 months or so.

“When not working (I work in computer programming languages, specifically APL), I play pool and watch a lot of stand-up comedy.

“I've been travelling a lot the past few years and was greeted with ‘Ah ZZ Top!’ in France last year. Passport photo is pre-beard, which leads to some interesting looks at airports!”

Facebook :
John Daintree
Twitter :
Instagram :
Nigel Sadler from Chelmsford, Essex
Chelmsford, Essex

“A true beer enthusiast! I'm Craft brewer, Brewing Tutor, Beer Academy Accredited Sommelier and Manager of an Essex microbrewery. I write a Food & Drink blog for BBC online and contribute articles to local press and radio. I enjoy being out in the countryside, fishing and hill walking when I can.

“I run a small fleet of aging Alfa Romeos, and a 1977 Series 3 Land Rover.

I was fortunate to be able to grow my first beard at the tender age of 16 - proving handy for getting into the local pub! It's been on and off over the years since, and in varying styles. Now settled for the graying goatee as standard.”

Nigel's website is:
Jason Cooper from Castle Vale, West Midlands
from Castle Vale,
West Midlands

“I'm an all-Sport fanatic, and supporter of Aston Villa.

“Big Norse Viking fan and that is the style of beard that I'm going for.

“Music taste is a vast array of choice from The Beach Boys to Bon Jovi.

“I enjoy keeping my myself reasonably fit but understand it's all about balance and enjoying life.”

Facebook :
Jason Cooper
Twitter :
Instagram :
Wayne from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
from Milton Keynes,

“Hey folks, nice to make your acqWaynetance! (See what I did there... 😁)

“OK, let's start with the obvious - I'm a slightly taller than average (5ft 19 😉) bearded father and husband, who is more comfortable in the great outdoors than amidst throngs of city folk.

“Living in Milton Keynes gives me a healthy balance of both, so I am happy to give something back to the town I now call home, by way of volunteering for The Parks Trust.

“When I'm not sat behind a desk being a marketing monkey for a lesser-known university, I enjoy spending time doing the outdoors. on a bike, on foot and on a few occasions, on a boat with a paddle.

“As age and middle spread about me, I am oft found in the gym on lunch breaks trying to stave off the inevitable; lifting heavy things and listening to ‘motivational’ music.

“I started my beard journey in 1991/2 when ‘Grunge’ was all consuming, and I had the ubiquitous ‘chin-goatee’. Fast forward through a shaved face to 2011, when I started a beard proper for Beating Bowel Cancer's Decembeard. I've been bearded ever since.

“You can view my escapades via Instagram mostly.”

Instagram :
Dave Anderson from Burnley, Lancashire
from Burnley,

“I am the father of 3 beautiful children (2 girls and a boy), and reside in Burnley, in East Lancashire.

“I am an SEO Consultant, working out of CandidSky in Manchester, and in my spare time I box on local unlicensed shows.

“My ‘claims to fame’ are that I have been an extra on Channel 4's Shameless twice, and my cousin is England cricketing great James Anderson (sadly I have yet to convince him to grow a beard though!).”

Richard Evans from Sheffield, South Yorkshire
from Sheffield,
South Yorkshire

“Hey up, all Beard Members! I'm Rich, 43 from Sheffield.

“I'm a lorry driver working in the scrap metal industry for 22 years, and I've been married to my wife Angela for 23 years.

“I have been growing my beard for 55 months now - all going good, with plenty of piss-takes from work colleagues.

“I try to keep fit by swimming and plodding round our local dam. I love Rock Music.”

Myk from Blackpool, Lancashire
from Blackpool,

“Sported standard QM issue 'tache since '83, goatee from '93 (after handing weekend warrior shilling back to HRH), trim full set from 2004. Growing out since 2015 opened up new social strata, namely Sandgrown Beardsmen.

“I work online (social media, forums, sites) and present/DJ weekly Internet radio show, also play out at events, bars, clubs (infrequently).

“Father/husband (both roles crept up on me after 45 years of high on devout bachelordom), provider to two cats and (soon) a rescue dog (when the planets align).”

Facebook :
Twitter :
Instagram :
Mike from Worthing, West Sussex
from Worthing,
West Sussex

“Hello everybody! I live in West Sussex with my lovely wife Jackie and 4 cats.

“I joined The British Beard Club after sharing a few ales with them at the Great British Beer Festival, and I hope to meet many more of you in the future.

“I enjoy reading, drawing and music - especially the work of Nick Drake.

“I am a concept artist by trade, which means I spend my days drawing silly characters (many of them bearded) for Lionhead Games Studio in Guildford.

Dave Thompson from Ashington, Northumberland
from Ashington,

“I'm Dave. I've had a beard, in various styles and lengths for the last 43 years.

“I enjoy cycling, busking, open mic. nights and spicey food.

“Kim, my wife is a beard lover, which is a big bonus!”

Fred Phillips from Maldon, Essex
from Maldon, Essex

“I'm Fred and I have lived life in the fast lane and have got the scars to prove it.

“I live with my lovely wife Sue in Essex. I have now retired. But to keep the wolf away from the door I have a PSV licence and run a small Training company for street lighting operatives.

“My hobbies have been many over the years. My main hobby is Amateur Radio and belong to 2 clubs in Essex and 1 in Gozo, Malta. My call sign is 2E0 FRE.

“Great to join The British Beard Club as I have had a beard for most of my adult life.”

Leon from York, East Yorkshire
from York,
East Yorkshire

“From York via Bedford and Cambridge originally.

“I've had an ambition for impressive facial hair since age 13 and have had a variety of ‘tidy’ beards since 18 but started growing a full beard in 2013.

“I'm very proud to have been ‘Verdi’ category winner at Yorkshire Beard Day 2016 and 3rd place overall.

“My beard is quite dry and wiry so I'm always on the look out for products that tame and soften. Fragrance sensitive so always checking ingredients!

“I'm married with a young daughter born in 2014. I hope to get to a Yorkshire Beardsmen meet up one of these days!”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Shimshon Cook from Jerusalem, Israel
from Jerusalem, Israel

“I started growing my beard when I was 20 and right out of the army. As time went on, I went from ghotee to a full beard and by my late 20's had a fairly healthy beard. Wasn't allowed to let it grow to its terminal length because of my job.

“In its current state, my beard hasn't been trimmed in about 40 months.

“I've shaved once in the last 20 years and it nearly caused a divorce when I did!”

Facebook :
Shimshon Cook
Martin Ruffell from Mildenhall, Suffolk
from Mildenhall,

“I like to bash hot metal into cool designs.

“I really like to go camping when I can.

“I have been bearded for 25 years or so .....long before it was trendy! 🧙‍♂️”

Facebook :
Martin Ruffell
Iain Press from Hatton, Derbyshire
from Hatton, Derbyshire

“Been bearded for over 6 years now; it started out of laziness, couldn't be bothered to shave, it then became something more.

“I am a proud Heathen, I bow down to the old gods, Odin being the foremost, so the beard is now something of an homage, a mark of respect.

“My hobbies include gaming, films, socialising etc.

“I am a father of two, one girl and one boy, they are my world, as is my wife.”

Facebook :
Iain Press
Instagram :
KC from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

“I'm a photographer as a hobby but very passionate about it.

“Had a beard since 13. Over the years had many different styles but now growing a full face beard. My beard is touch of brown blonde and ginger. Quite a mix! Have to thank my grandad for the ginger!

“A bit of a gamer. Love motorbikes. Film wise do love sci-fi films but will watch any good films.

“I'm a cobbler 6 days a week and a full time dad to two girls.

“Always happy to meet new people; feel free to follow on-line and I'll follow back.”

Facebook :
Bearded Cobbler
Twitter :
Instagram :
David Wood from Hull, East Yorkshire
from Hull,
East Yorkshire

“I started 9 years ago with a goatee, and was asked to play Santa for childrens parties and retirement homes, and have grown ever since.

“All my life I have been involved with sports and working as a Coach / Truck driver and have travelled extensively in the UK and abroad.

“Since our retirement my wife and I find we have time on our hands and we like to travel as much as possible but at a more leisurely pace.”

Facebook :
David Wood
Rod from Chelmsford, Essex
ROD from
Chelmsford, Essex

“I’m at that ‘interesting age’, been retired a couple of years deliberately getting under the wife’s feet so as she’ll tell me to go off fishing.

“I have sported facial fungus in various guises since about 1960, from the pencil on the upper lip through the ‘Manfed Mann’ beard, mutton chops, goatee, handlebar and the present full set, which I’ve had since 1981 when my children emigrated to provide yours truly with a holiday home in the sun.

“I started riding motorcycles back when I was 17 and now galloping towards 70 I’m still riding the damned things, if only to annoy the ‘child’ police officers who stop me now and then.”

Nigel Browne from Crediton, Devon
from Crediton,

“I first grew my beard over 50 years ago; I had moved into a grotty bed-sit in Nottingham and the bathroom was revolting. Bum-fluff to begin with, but it got better.

“My wife and children (of which I have three) have never seen my chin, which remains shrouded in mystery.

“My main interests are the organ (i.e. pipe/church organ - no jokes unless you are sure that I haven't heard them before), architectural and local history, railway history (I can read an old Bradshaw timetable for hours), and 'classical' music. I am a musicologist by training, and conduct, sing and play when needed.

“I am more-or-less retired, but do organ playing, occasional lecturing, and organ advising (again - no jokes) for the Diocese of Exeter.”

Facebook :
Nigel Browne
Clwbba from Wigan, Lancashire
from Wigan,

“Here is the profile picture and the many beards of Clwbba, those of you who know me know me.

“Currently residing in sunny North West, father, husband and friend is how best to describe me.

“Peace out”

Instagram :
Clwbba Ap Moses
Joe Lyne from Dudley, West Midlands
from Dudley,
West Midlands

“I'm Joe - I am a proud British Combat Veteran and a True Patriot.

“I've had a beard since the day I left the Army 10 years ago... and never looked back.

“I'm a modern Barber with old school values.”

Darko from Konjscina, Croatia
DARKO from
Konjscina, Croatia

“My name is Darko and I've rejoined the Club.

“I'm living in Croatia, in a small place near the capital town of Zagreb.

“I love Motorcycling - I'm a rider and I ride a Harley.

“I also love Citroen 2CVs, Vespas, Rock'n Roll and Blues... and beers!”

Riccardo Maniero from London E9
from London E9

“I'm Italian but I moved to London in November 2017 and my now 7 year old beard came with me.

“I'm a 3D artist in love with the entertainment industry, and with the historically-related things. You can find some of my works at my Art Station Web site below.

“I'm also passionate about films and TV series, and I used to play a lot of PC games. I prefer the games where you can customize the appearance of your avatar, because I also want to be bearded in the games!”

Instagram :
Riccardo Maniero
Del from London
from Uxbridge, Middx.

“I grew my hair long in the mid-60s and my beard and moustache as soon as my peach fuzz turned into a respectable growth.

“Despite a career in the Civil Service I have maintained a hirsute appearance all my life. Luckily I could retire early and now spend 3 months a year in Thailand where my girlfriend thinks my appearance is ‘too busy’ but she knows I will never change and accepts that.

“I remain in complete denial that we have moved on from the 60s which informs my choice of gigs I regularly attend.

I live in Uxbridge, Middlesex and drink real ale. In the Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood (a real ale organisation pre-dating CAMRA by several years), I am known as Catweazle.”
Bob from Leyton, London
from Leyton, London

“I've had various facial hair since the 80s but started growing it in 2019 to 'replace' my prostate.

“I like spending time with my dog Honey, specially in pubs, drinking craft beer.

“Also enjoy home-made tiki cocktails (rum), and street food.

“Favourite listening is Old Skool Soul and R&B. Also like Kabaret - Burlesque with a bit of comedy & cross dressing, and vintage and heritage style.”

Shane Hazelgrave from Leeds, West Yorkshire
from Leeds,
West Yorkshire

“I'm from sunny Leeds, and I'm just a beardy man, trying to better myself daily. I have been growing a beard of some description, for the best part of 9 years now.

“When I'm not grooming my beard, I'm trying to keep up with my young son.

“In my spare time I'm either watching or training MMA.”

Instagram :
Rob from Basingstoke, Hampshire
from Basingstoke,

“I started growing my beard just to annoy my boss at work, now I can't imagine being without it!

“I play golf, which poses several issues with wind.

“I can't see as my beard blows up and covers my eyes, and in winter months I get ice forming.”

Instagram :
Graeme Newman from Potton, Bedfordshire
from Potton, Beds.

“Mechanic turned carer, having a dabble at work-from-home opportunities, along with trying to get a beard product company off the ground.

“Love a bit of off-roading and Green Laning, along with getting dirty underneath my Land Rover.

“Into a little bit of anything music-wise, but mostly Classic and Heavy Rock with a bit of Heavy Metal thrown in for good measure.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Kevin from Aylesbury, Bucks.
from Aylesbury, Bucks.

“One who just cannot imagine being without facial hair of some kind. It is one of the most defining features of a man. It's not just 'bearded or not bearded'. There is so much variety in grooming and appearance of a bearded man, that true character can shine through.

“I first grew a beard at age 17. I have shaved it off only twice, both times to leave a moustache remaining, most recently was last 'Movember', to lend moral support.

“A job at times customer facing, prevents me from experimenting with a longer/wilder beard. Maybe one day I'll be able to, but I do prefer the full, but clipped look on myself.

“For many years I have preserved a particular look, but do now 'play around' with my facial hair a little, to see how I'm treated socially. ”

Ian Barnard from Ian Barnard from Murdoch, WA, Australia
from Murdoch, WA, Australia

“I am British Born from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Have spent my entire adult life in Perth, Western Australia.

“I started Growing a Goatee Beard as a fad back in 2011 and have now developed a full beard of biblical proportians at times.

“I often take stock in the Verse of Leviticus 19:27 and am now a firm believer that if we weren't meant to have facial hair it would not grow there. I'm rolling with what the Creator had in the original plan:

Embrace the Beard - it's part of who you are!

“I have a recent interest in the Guitar and have been playing for 36 months. My own tunes; not a lot of good at playing other peoples' songs, though I am very pleased with what I have managed to put together myself after learning a few chords.

“Have been Working as a Security Officer and Crowd Controller for the last 7 years, now going into my 8th year of Security Work.”

Nathan Longworth-Riggs from Penzance, Cornwall
RIGGS from
Penzance, Cornwall

“Hi - I'm Nathan. I've been growing my beard a while now; I'd say it's ginger but getting greyer as time goes on!

“I'm into working out in the gym.

“I love most kinds of music (but not this modern music!)

“I love films, video games and Lego!”

Gym Life Instagram :
Stuart Ross from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
Stuart Ross from
West Yorkshire

“I went full beard in 2012, keeping it short for a while before letting it grow out from 2013.

“I'm the Head Brewer for Magic Rock Brewing in Huddersfield and am regularly found in the Tap Room and other good craft beer establishments.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Martin Winther from Høng, Denmark
from Høng, Denmark

“I am Martin and I live in Denmark in a town called Høng in Zealand, with my wife.

“My first beard which I grew as a 16 year old, was a so-called Goatee; since then I have had beards of different lengths.

“My fascination for beards began in school, where one teacher had a long beard, and there I decided that I would have one too when I was an adult. Now I'm 65 and I'm a pensioner!

“My interests I can mention are, my beard, my garden, hats (Spanish berets, felt hats, and flat caps), line dancing, and Old West clothing.”

Robert Baker from Ruckersville, Virginia, USA
from Ruckersville, Virginia, USA

“Hello, I'm Robert, located in central Virginia.

“I started growing my beard in December of 2018. Mostly as a bet that I wouldn't grow it for a year without shaving. I just passed the 31 month mark.

“I love photography, video photography and editing, exercising, and video games.

“Right now one of my favorite shows is What We Do In The Shadows.

“I'm a father of 4. Married 21 years this last March.

“We have 2 dogs, 3 cats, birds inside and chickens and rabbits outside.”

Facebook :
Robert J Baker
Instagram :
Tam 'Red' Matthew from Aberdeen, Scotland
from Aberdeen, Scotland

“Big Red here! I drive heavy construction plant for a living.

“My Hobbies are beer, rugby, saving for a Harley, and beer. Oh, and a saving for a new Triumph scrambler too!"

Instagram :
Steve from Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
from Falkirk,

“Middle-aged grumpy old koala.

“Recent émigré to Scotland.

“Bearded for over 28 years.”

Seoras Mackay from Inverness, Highland
from Inverness, Highland

“I only recently started growing my beard around 46 months ago after getting out the Forces.

“I'm still undecided on the style to go for.

“I enjoy Xbox, and travelling around Scotland to see all nice views on my doorstep.

“Also enjoy listening to music whether it's some Trad or some Metal.”

Instagram :
Carl Levy from Southampton, Hampshire

“Bearded, tattooed grease monkey.

“Wannabe Lumberjack who likes to try and dress well.

“Loves: Retro cars and trucks, custom bikes, my MK1 Caddy Pickup, most things vintage, animals, pizza, friends, beers, music, clothes, sneakers, American Football JAGS!, the fiancée and goodtimes.”

Instagram :
Mikey Turner from Ventnor, Isle Of Wight
from Ventnor,
Isle Of Wight

“I started growing my beard around 11 years ago; I've always had some kind of facial hair before this, goatee or short stubble.

“I've never really been a fan of shaving; just isn't for me, being a baldy, facial hair is a way of redeeming the lack of hair upon my noggin'!

“Hobbies; art, tattoos, beard life, ale and walks with my wife and son, and our dog Aria. ”

Facebook :
Mikey T
Twitter :
Keith Mileman from Taunton, Somerset
from Canvey Island,

Married with 3 children.

“Love tweed,

“beard oil,


“Jack Daniels...

“and Guinness.”

Instagram :
Colin Pillinger from Biggin Hill, Kent
from Biggin Hill, Kent

“Hi, I am Colin. I am a 51 year old Bus-driving Biker, living with my wife Mia in South London.

“We have a Yamaha Warrior motorbike and a Cairn terrier called Yogi. We have had him just over a year now.

“I have been growing my beard for 26 years and when I started it was rather less salt and more pepper in colour!

“My other interests include Real Ales, Bourbon and Alfa Romeos (for my sins), cooking and eating!”

Tim Dinsley from Ealing, London
Ealing, London

“I’ve been a Beardy Weirdy all of my adult life and it’s been at least 47 years since my chin saw the light of day.

“I don’t know about you but I just feel more relaxed with a full-set as nature intended it to be.

“My main interests are good cider (no not the fizzy stuff in bottles), good music (my beard has accompanied me to the Gallery at the BBC Proms every year for the last 6 seasons) and good food to which the waistline testifies.

“Needless to say with a beard this colour December is a busy month for me!”

Rob Robinson from Stowmarket, Suffolk
Stowmarket, Suffolk

‘Well … you're in fashion for once. Big blokes with big beards and tattoos …’ she says, ‘I should make the most of it - it won't last!’

“Maybe not. But it is nice for a change to avoid those repetitious questions that any long-term bearded man grows weary of, and bask in the glow of temporary stylistic approval!

“Having worn some sort of facial furniture ever since I left school in 1984, I've grown accustomed to this whiskery face, though in those early days it was much more gingery brown, not white!

“The ink beneath is a different, though connected, story. And neither ink, nor beard, will be going anywhere now - even when fashion moves on once more. Beard on!…”

Martin Wood from Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Shrewsbury, Salop.

“At 21 I bought a Philishave 3-head electric razor, went on holiday and forgot it!!

“Back home my boss said to me, "You can shave that off!" 34 years later I still haven't shaved and the razor has since been used by both my sons...

My wife of 30 years, Sue has never seen me beardless and believes that under it is a little boy still trying to get out!

“I've been a town crier for 26 years; I enjoy woodturning, am a local historian and author of 2 books:
Haunted Shrewsbury and Crime & Punishment in Shrewsbury.

“I have been a body double for the character "Hagrid" for 7 years. I am also 7ft 2ins tall.”

Sam “Opie” Picken from London
from London

“Most of my music taste is Rock and Roll, Metal or Rock, but I listen to all types of music.

“I'm a big fan of MMA and follow BAMMA, UFC, Onechampionship and other promotions; I like to try new things. I love Viking and Celtic history as my heritage is both Scottish and Scandinavian.

“Still a casual fan of Pro Wrestling and have been since a child. I like to drink socially with my close friends and family, meet new people, play some pool or beer pong etc., and I enjoy having a cigar with a wee dram of whisky as well.

“If I have time at home I'll turn on the PS4 and play UFC, GTAV online, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2 and other games that I own.

“I travel to Lincolnshire every few months to see a friend who lives out there; it's a great break.

“I'm a real big fan of stand up comedy and recently saw my fav US comic Bill Burr at the Royal Albert Hall and bought tickets to see Bert Kreischer next year for his Body Shots tour.”

Twitter :
Peter Brabham from Rotherham, South Yorkshire
from Rotherham, South Yorkshire

“Hello, I'm Pete.

“I'm about 42 months into letting my beard grow out fully.

“Along with growing my beard I'm interested in Rugby league and am an active gym-goer.

“I enjoy all things Gothic, steam punk etc...

“I'm a very enthusiastic Metal Head and love going to festivals.

“I am looking at going to beard competitions and events and look forward to getting to know you all!!”

Instagram :
Kevin Josephs from Hampstead, London
from Hampstead, London

“I'm a scaffolder originally from Eltham, now residing in Hampstead.

“I started the beard 5 years ago, and never looked back.

“I spend my spare time going to concerts and I've been a season ticket holder at West Ham for 18 years.

“I'm also a regular gym goer, but I'm also not shy around a few pints at the weekend!”

Instagram :
Peter Jones from Tenbury Wells, Worcs.
Tenbury Wells, Worcs.

“Starting out with a National Diploma in Computer Studies I gained a Degree in Nursing (yes, really) and have been qualified since 2002.

“I am now an Emergency Nurse Practitioner working in Worcestershire.

“I can still use a computer! I practice Martial Arts and teach mainly Aiki-Jujitsu, and hold Black Belts in six Martial Arts. I’ve been bearded since 2008.

“Finally a quote from my Martial Arts organisation’s Grandmaster, for no reason other than simple amusement, ‘That's not a moustache, that's his eyebrows come down for a drink!’”

My Web site: Senseipete

Ryan from Hull, East Yorkshire
RYAN from
Hull, East Yorks.

My beard journey started off as an 18 year old, there's been some bumps in the road and some short periods of beardlessness but for the main I've held true to the face fuzz.

I've experimented with goatees, both trimmed and left to grow, an ill-fated attempt at a chin strap but have come to the conclusion that my face prefers the prickles hedgehog look.

Apart from my beard I like to shout at the footballers of Hull city from the stands every other week, drinking beer having only recently acquired the taste buds to appreciate real ales and move away from lager.

I have many thoughts about one day finding an interesting and fulfilling hobby but keep getting distracted by my collection of books that always need re-reading.”

Instagram :
Rick Cobb from Florida, USA
from Florida, USA

“To all my new friends at TBBC, my name is Rick Cobb and I live in Mulberry, Florida USA. Mulberry is just South of Lakeland between Tampa and Orlando.

“I am retired after 32 years, as an auto insurance claims manager, and now I’m a licensed real estate professional.

“I have had a beard for over 30 years, nothing more, just had one. After seeing the beard as an art form and an expression of one’s self, I am working to establish my own identity.”

Jacko from Aldershot, Hampshire
from Aldershot, Hampshire

“Hi all - I'm Jacko!

“I used to love to play football until I ruined my knee 12 years ago.

“I have also played squash on and off over the last 5-6 years, now my hobbies are darts, snooker and of course bearding!

“This is my second beard and hope it will be my last - no more shaving!!

“I have just started to try and train my stache and am just growing my beard out now. I have also recently become a very proud ambassador for a beard grooming company.”

Instagram :
Newman Booth from Sheffield, South Yorkshire
from Sheffield, S Yorks.

“My father had a full beard, and I pretty much grew a beard as soon as I was able.

“This took various forms from goatee to tidy beard until one day a wise man said this pearl of wisdom - ‘Why grow a beard and still have to shave?’

“So I stopped shaving and grew a full set. I kept it relatively short until Autumn 2015 when I decided to take advantage of the popularity of facial hair and let it grow.

“October will mark 6 years of growth, at which point I'll take stock, have a look at the results, and in all likelihood, say ‘Let's do another year!’”

Chris Marriott from St Austell, Cornwall
from St Austell,

“Hi - I'm Chris! I've bin bearded for about 8 years; love having a beard- makes me feel more confident.

“I live in Cornwall with my Mrs. We've just had a first son called Connor - well he's 31 months old now.

“My hobbies - I've just started a Beard Products Reviews Channel on YouTube - love it so much! Find it below.

“I enjoy long family walks with the family and our dog Rusty. I used to run a lot - have run the London Marathon a couple of years ago for charity, but have had to ease the running to spend more time with my enlarging family!

“I love the Bearded Brotherhood, helping others.”

John Doran from Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Sheffield, South Yorkshire

“I'm a Support Manager for Impact Living, an organisation that works with homeless young people in West and South Yorkshire delivering programmes relating to Housing, Health and Poverty.

“I am also a trustee of a Charity Young Heroes which works across the North of England providing housing, support, advice, respite and raises public awareness for young people living with Cancer.

“I love Rugby League and support Bradford Bulls and attend both home and away games in the season.

“Australian NRL rugby league competition is the best league in world, so I adopted Gold Coast Titans as my Aussie team. In Australia they also have a state battle between Queensland vs New South Wales (like Yorkshire vs Lancashire) and I have always supported Queensland when I was young.

“My Grandad and Dad supported Manchester United and therefore naturally adopted them as my football team. I enjoy watching Mixed Martial Arts and mainly watch the UFC competition.

“I am a big real ale drinker. I'm happily married, have 1 child and a dog.”

Facebook :
John Doran
Twitter : John Doran
Instagram : jodo_13
Mark Hotson from Hull, East Yorkshire
from Hull,
East Yorkshire

“I decided to stop trimming the face fuzz in November 2013.

“I'm a juggler / performer from East Yorkshire, sick and tired of shaving and trimming for gigs.

“Then as it grew longer, I landed my biggest and best gig to date, working for the Ministry Of Fun on a contract at Butlins.

“Where the beard is adored! And it's part of my character now and my visual signature!”

Instagram: @hotson
Lee from Southampton, Hants
Southampton, Hants

“Let me tell you a bit about me...

“My name is Lee, I am 57 and in a wheelchair. My disability is cerebral palsy.

“I live in my own ground-floor flat in North Baddersley, Southampton. I have a live-in-carer and my own Motability car.

“I have been living there for 14 years now, whereas before I was in a care home. It has been the best thing that I have ever done. I have my own independence.

“I am a volunteer at Marwell Wildlife Park in Winchester, and I have been there for over 36 years now. My role is wheelchair access for the public and wheelchair users.”

Lee Driver
Rob Saunders from Wokingham, Berkshire
Rob Saunders
from Wokingham,

“I play American Football, and I have an interest in Aviation, Formula One, Travelling the World and Engineering.

“I've always had some form of face furniture since I was 18.

“I've tried several forms of a beard but enjoy the face fuzz style I'm currently blessed with.”

Instagram :
Philip Shaw from Brighton, East Sussex
East Sussex

“I have had a beard since I could grow one at the age of 19. It has been various lengths since then but now going for a long full beard.

“I think this is the way we are supposed to look and hope to one day find a bearded sidekick to join me.

“I've been a freelance model/prop maker for film and TV for the last 8 years, and also create costumes and artwork in my spare time.

“I sometimes model for the photographer Manel Ortega.”

Twitter :
Instagram :
Pablo from Banbury, Oxfordshire
from Banbury, Oxfordshire

“I am a Spanish full bearded man since I was 15.

“Along the way, I have tried several styles according with the different stages of my life journey: natural full, trimmered full, goatee, mustache, and back to trimmered full.

“During all that time I only sacrificed my beard once 17 years ago to please my true and only love who became my wife.

“I'd do it again as many lives I lived.”

Eleanor from Saddleworth, Greater Manchester
from Saddleworth,
Greater Manchester

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“Elit dignissim. Montes arcu sociis eget fermentum aliquam eu facilisi magna, dolor tellus molestie hac mollis hac egestas penatibus fringilla ante risus diam fringilla aliquam, praesent at cum, sociis sed quis imperdiet sed lacus malesuada per amet consequat.

“Sociis urna Pulvinar justo sollicitudin venenatis accumsan amet primis cras netus proin Natoque eleifend lacinia mauris vulputate porttitor eros.”

Dave Collins from Westcliff on Sea, Essex
Westcliff on Sea, Essex

“London born, Thames Delta bred, I’m a relative newbie to World of Beards - but draw inspiration and influence from the classic fuzz of 70s funkers and rockers: ZZ Top, John Entwistle, Average White Band and the Bee Gees.

“I write reviews and features for music mags (Vive Le Rock, The Blues Magazine, Classic Rock) and can be found playing bass for Howling Black Soul and dabbing about with records DJing around Southend on Sea and co-hostingRadio Podrophenia.

Likes: Belgian beer, vintage tunes, leather jackets, SG guitars & Orange Amps.”

Robert Black from Musselburgh, Scotland
from Craigavon,
Armagh, NI

I have had a goatee since I was 17 and have grown a full beard in the last 67 months.

I am a gamer who likes to listen to all kinds of music.

Love to watch films and tv series and work at my car.

Facebook :
Robert Black
Twitter :
Instagram :
Andrew from Waterlooville, Hampshire
Waterlooville, Hants

“Decided to grow out the beard after years of debating whether or not to.

“Now the beard is here... and compliments have come... it's here to stay!

“Away from the beard, I enjoy sport, watching movies and TV.”

Facebook :
Andrew Tanner
Twitter :
Instagram :
Ben Knowles from Blackpool, Lancashire
Blackpool, Lancs.

“I've had a beard now all my adult life from stubble to full natural which is how it is now. Winner of Natural Beard over 4ins. My beard is now 8ins long! Haha!

“I'm the father of one beautiful amazing girl!

“My job is as a joiner which I love, maker of the Knowles comb.

“In my spare time I'm a hot air balloonist, love to go hammocking and hiking, gym and occasionally rock climbing and of course bearding.

“Member of the Sandgrown Beardsmen as well as The British Beard Club.”

Facebook :
Ben Knowles
Teifion from Newport, Gwent, Wales
TEIFION from Newport,
Gwent, Wales

“Hi, my name is Teifion (as I'm Welsh the ‘f’ is pronounced like a ‘v’) but everyone knows me as Tei. I'm a father of two fine boys that fill my life with loads of joy and sometimes trouble (all of which is fun).

“My interests are rugby (which I coach to kids, but no longer play), snowboarding in the winter and CrossFit to try and stay young.

“I'm an ex-rower and ex-Rugby player, and a fitness fanatic.

“Also really enjoy baffling people with a bit of street magic (mainly cards) which you can see on my YouTube channel where I posted a few tricks for Secret Talent Sunday on Beard Club, a Facebook page I am a member of.

“As to how I became a member of The British Beard Club; whilst visiting the Tower of London I met Yeoman Warder Gary Thynne, who has a fine example of a beard and the beard conversation soon followed. In this conversation TBBC came up as Gary is a member of this fine group and he told me I should apply. The rest is history.”

Facebook :
Twitter :
Instagram :
Richie from Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Kings Lynn, Norfolk

“Having spent 25 years in the sound dept. working on numerous Films and TV shows I now plan and run worldwide Motorcycle Adventures in exotic locations, such as Cambodia, the Himalayas, Africa, the USA and yet more recently Frome.

Rumours that he is in some way associated with:

Captain Fawcett’s
Moustache Wax

or has created the most delectable Beard Oil known to man are as yet unconfirmed.

“I am rarely where I should be but am often where I’m at!”

Michael Walker from Waringstown, County Armagh
from Waringstown,
County Armagh

“Most folk call me Mike, and I'm married to Sharon.

“I have 3 children, all pretty much adults Amy, Ben and Kacey.

“I drive a Special Needs school bus for the Education Authority.

“I am a loyal supporter of the Northern Ireland National Football Team and Tottenham Hotspur FC.

“I was a punk in my youth but now I have a very eclectic taste in music.

“I have had goatee beards before but 7 years ago I grew my first full beard, roughly 6 months later my wife had a stroke, when she was getting back to herself she told me that the extra growth suited me so I just maintained it from then until a few months back!

“Sadly I had went to a so-called barber (more a butcher to be honest), so I was left with no choice but go back to a number 4 with clippers.

“Thankfully its growing back fuller than before and the silver is getting more and more prominent. ”

Facebook :
Mike Walker
Instagram :
Jason from Market Harborough, Leicestershire
from Market Harborough,

“Hi All - I have always had stubble but just decided one day to not shave.

“Now I am fully into the Bearded Lifestyle and I am an Ambassador for beard products and a member of a few beard groups.

“I am a father of four; three children on the Autism spectrum.

“We own four dogs, and I enjoy shooting both air rifles and shotguns.

“I work for a government-funded organisation.”

Facebook :
Jason C
Instagram :
Glynn from Mexborough, South Yorkshire
from Mexborough,
South Yorkshire

“Hi! I'm a retired HGV driver.

“I've been in the scrap metal trade for many years

“I like to play the guitar and do gardening (both badly).

“I'm a decent DIY'er and like to mend stuff.

“I've just recently grown my beard back after being clean shaven for years.”

Instagram :
Fergy Campbell from London E1
London E1

“I am a 61 year old retired man who was born in Northern Ireland and lived the first 28 years of my live there in various locations around the Province. I moved to the East End of London in early 1988 which means that I have been there now for over half my life so I am not quite sure where I belong.

“This is made even worse (or better perhaps) that now, in retirement, I have more or less given myself over to travelling and am writing this bio in a hostel in Rome on what was meant to be a four day trip to see a friend in the Netherlands. That was ten weeks ago! This explains why I do not get to nearly as many Thatch meets as I would like, I am just never in town.

“As for my ‘face furniture’, I have had it in one form or another since the late 70's when I could grow it. I had a moustache for many years when that was the done thing (think Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. in the TV series) and then dabbled briefly with a full trimmed beard. I have had trimmed goatees, long goatees and have finally decided to go full bore with both my hair and beard. Neither are going to see scissors or razor until I shuffle off this mortal coil eventually. My elderly Father hates it (he is clean shaven) and says I look like Worzel Gummidge and the standing joke amongst my drinking mates when I am in London is to call me Gandalf (as in Lord of the Rings). I don't mind any of that.

“At my time of life I have decided that if I want hair down to my waist and a beard down to my belt buckle then I shall do it. I'm a big boy now! I do feel, however, like somewhat of a child when I go to Capital Beards Thatch meets. Whilst everyone is extremely friendly and supportive, I look at some of the whiskers displayed and just feel like a total novice!

“Trust me guys, I am doing my best but Nature will eventually decide.”

Cameron Molyneux from Solihull, West Midlands
from Solihull,
West Midlands

“I'm Cameron, new beard grower of about 32 months, finding it hard going so joined here to help me keep up my motivation. Love my Harleys and House Music.

“I enjoy going to watch my team Aston Villa and playing console games.

“Follow my local Beardo group, the Bearded Brummies Thatch #beardedbrummies”

Instagram :
Matt from Stowmarket, Suffolk
Matt from

“I've been a proud beard wearer for about 6 years now.

“I'd always hated being clean shaven and have now fully embraced the bearded way of life.

“Tidied it up a bit too much recently, so I've decided I need to get a bit more length going on again.

“I love tattoos, and have a growing collection.

“My favourite movie is 300, and my favourite TV series is Vikings. Long live the Beard! ”

Twitter :
Mike Aldridge from Worksop, Nottinghamshire
from Worksop,

“My name is Mike Aldridge and I live with my partner in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

“I'm 60 years old and I now work for the MOD after a lifetime in the Police Service.

“I decided to grow a beard when I didn't have to wear a respirator any more! If that changes I may have to go Goatee!

“I enjoy riding my motorcycle and hope to get to a few of the meetings at public houses as work allows.

Many people say to me ‘Why do you grow and keep that beard?’ My reply has to be ‘Because I can!’”

Trevor Parrett from Rayleigh, Essex
from Rayleigh, Essex

“I am a proud husband and father in my house of 3 gorgeous ladies and me, and love my profession as the owner of PDS Digital.

“I only grew my goatee about 5 years ago after 25 years of looking too ‘beige’. I do like to mess around with a few different styles and lengths and will continue to do so. I'll certainly never be clean shaven again.

“I came across The British Beard Club completely by chance through their amazing work for Prostate Cancer UK.

“The minute I walked in the door and saw a pub full of bearded and moustachioed chaps I knew this was the club for me. I love being an Essex Beardsman and my wife and I have a great time when we all get a chance to meet up.”
Twitter: @TrevParrett
Carl Lesh from Hook, Hampshire
from Hook,

“I've always had facial hair from being a teenager. Anything from Goatee to trimmed beard.

“At Christmas in 2018, I reached the age of 50 and decided that I now deserved to grow my beard and stache out. I must admit I've love every bit of the journey so far. I'm finally feeling like I'm me!

“I own my own interior design business which keeps me pretty busy (see below).

“Also have a Scottish terrier called Dougal who has his own website and social media. He's far more popular than me!”

Facebook :
Carl Lesh
Instagram :
Web site :
TCHL Interiors
Dougal's Instagram :
Steve Watson from Hull, East Yorkshire
from Hull,
East Yorkshire

“Beards are my life. As a bearded man with bearded friends, and being a barber, I spend most of my time talking about beards and trimming beards.

“Interest in music is wide, including rock, blues, jazz, classical, folk...

“Enjoy all types of food, ales, ciders, gin, whisky, cigars and pipe smoking (tobacco, not crack!)

“I am owner of Watson's Barber's, Hull.”

Instagram :
Patrick Woollons from Hull, East Yorks.
from Hull, East Yorks.

“Hello, fellow beard people. My name is Paddi and I hail from Hull; the St. Tropez of East Yorkshire.

“Having practised martial arts for quite some years I was pleased to find my face had acquired a new, more becoming, flatter countenance and was able to give it up, allowing me the time to pursue a hobby in cycling.

“My other interests are tattoos, motorcycles and motorcycle rallies, philosophy and various genres of music from classical to Death Metal, via Punk, Blues and Hardhouse.

“I once spent some time living at a Buddhist monastery and have two sons; one aged 25, the other 7 months. My good lady, Taz and I live in as much sin as we can manage.”

Lee Thomas from Birmingham, W. Midlands
from Birmingham, W. Midlands

“I'm owner of a damn fine Beard, lover of good coffee, craft beer and small batch Bourbon. Husband to Zoe and father to Marmalade the Spaniel.

“Know your style and own it. Grow a beard and Rock it.”

Instagram :
Andrew Burton from Kettering, Northamptonshire
from Kettering,Northamptonshire

“I'm Andrew aged 31. a loving cheeky chappy. Growing my beard for 5 years now, started to grow it for Movember, haven't got rid of it since.

“My interests are football, rugby - I support Glasgow Rangers and Scotland - and I also love ice hockey, supporting Nottingham Panthers.

“I play a bit of Xbox also, and am a lover of Starwars, Marvel and DC Comics.

“Always up for meeting new people and socialising.”

Instagram :
Craig White Esq. from Earls Barton, Northamptonshire
from Earls Barton,

“I'm a Royal Navy veteran but at Christmas I am Santa Claus for the local community and charities.

“I have been Santa, volunteering my festive service for free in my local village and surrounding pre-schools and community centres for the past 5 years.

“I think that having a real big, white, beard is essential to make the magic happen and for people to believe. This year the beard is much larger in size!

“Whilst I currently do work full time for a local highways authority (and for the Royal British Legion), in the future and on retirement I would like to consider opportunities in the TV and movie industry as a bearded extra.

“My introduction to the Club was from a British Beard Club card secretly inserted into my waistcoat pocket (presumably from a member) whilst attending the Great British Beer Festival in Olympia this year... with such intrigue, how could I not consider joining?!”

Alex Saunders from Andover, Hampshire
Andover, Hampshire

“I'm growing old rather disgracefully I'm happy to say. I try my best to embarrass my offspring with my penchant for tattoos, kilts, heavy metal, folk music and paganism.

“I'm a member of a Druid grove and thoroughly enjoy running around the forest in my robe and wellies.

“I quit shaving 81 months ago. Nobody needs that nonsense in their life.”

Instagram :
Ovidiu Purdea from Oradea, Romania
from Oradea,

“I am a web developer from Oradea, Romania.

“I have had a beard for 13 years now.

“Sometimes I have it short, some times I have it long, just depends on the season!”

Facebook :
Ovidiu Purdea
Twitter :
Instagram :
Peter from Douglas, Isle Of Man
from Douglas, Isle Of Man

“I have had a full beard for over 8 years, now it's time to stop pruning and let it grow.

“My main hobbies are home-brew and wild camping, all seasons, but do like comfort, so it's in a motor home not tent!

“Served my time as a mechanical fitter in heavy industry, now repair factory processing equipment and commercial/HGVs.

“Best TV Show got to be Vikings!”

Mark Weir from Irvine, Ayrshire
from Irvine, Ayrshire

“Bearded Father and Papa from Scotland, Saltire Saltire Saltire

“ 🥃 🥃 🥃 Jack Daniels collector.

“I've been been growing the beard for 5 years and loving the Bearded Community!👊 👊 👊👊 🥃”

Instagram :
Fr Kevin Cable from Bournemouth, Dorset
from Bournemouth,

“Hello, I'm Fr Kevin Cable and I'm a Parish Priest in the Church of England, after having been a police officer for 10 years.

“I have had a very short beard for 20 years (about 6 weeks-growth in length), but am raising money for the church by growing a Yeard.

“I started on the 1st January and have just hit the 30 month mark.

“I am married to Jen, and we enjoy walking, visits to National Trust locations, and good food!

“I enjoy all things sci-fi and the James Bond novels.”

Carl Sullivan from Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside
from Newton-le-Willows,

“Hi, I'm Carl and I've had a beard in some form for over 22 years now but have been grooming and styling for the past 4 years.

“I have several pets at home; 2 dogs, Bee and Bear, a tortoise called Oogway and 2 axolotls, Merry and Pippin... Oh, and I live with my wife and son (daren't forget to mention them)!

“I'm medically retired from work (CFS/ME) and used to love hill walking and have a Black Sash in Kung Fu.

“Unfortunately circumstances prevent me from taking part in these activities so my more recent hobbies are; Administrator for two Facebook pages: Private Beards and Beardsters.

“I've recently started my own YouTube vlog, Carl's Bearded Banter : a bit sparse on the page at the minute but I'm getting there!

“I love Marvel/DC movies and am a big fan of Vikings and GoT.”

Instagram :
Rob Palmer from Sydney, Australia
from Sydney, Australia

“Love the outdoors, keeping fit, single malt whisky and overseas travel.

“I miss a good English pint of ale!

“This is my first full beard and I'm loving the experience; a razor hasn't touched my face since early 2000!”

Instagram :
Greg from Kettering, Northamptonshire
from Kettering,

“I started to grow my beard in 2018 and it became extension of my personality - I wouldn't be myself without it!

“My Beard also makes me feel like a Rock Star, and Rock and Heavy stuff is where my heart's at; so it's great!

“I love travelling, seeing new places, being outdoors and enjoying nature.

“I'm also a car and motorcycle enthusiast.”

Instagram :