Ian Barnard from Ian Barnard from Murdoch, WA, Australia
from Murdoch, WA, Australia

“I am British Born from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Have spent my entire adult life in Perth, Western Australia.

“I started Growing a Goatee Beard as a fad back in 2011 and have now developed a full beard of biblical proportians at times.

“I often take stock in the Verse of Leviticus 19:27 and am now a firm believer that if we weren't meant to have facial hair it would not grow there. I'm rolling with what the Creator had in the original plan:

Embrace the Beard - it's part of who you are!

“I have a recent interest in the Guitar and have been playing for 26 months. My own tunes; not a lot of good at playing other peoples' songs, though I am very pleased with what I have managed to put together myself after learning a few chords.

“Have been Working as a Security Officer and Crowd Controller for the last 6 years, now going into my 7th year of Security Work.”