Kevin from Aylesbury, Bucks.
from Aylesbury, Bucks.

“One who just cannot imagine being without facial hair of some kind. It is one of the most defining features of a man. It's not just 'bearded or not bearded'. There is so much variety in grooming and appearance of a bearded man, that true character can shine through.

“I first grew a beard at age 17. I have shaved it off only twice, both times to leave a moustache remaining, most recently was last 'Movember', to lend moral support.

“A job at times customer facing, prevents me from experimenting with a longer/wilder beard. Maybe one day I'll be able to, but I do prefer the full, but clipped look on myself.

“For many years I have preserved a particular look, but do now 'play around' with my facial hair a little, to see how I'm treated socially. ”