Wayne from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
from Milton Keynes,

“Hey folks, nice to make your acqWaynetance! (See what I did there... 😁)

“OK, let's start with the obvious - I'm a slightly taller than average (5ft 19 😉) bearded father and husband, who is more comfortable in the great outdoors than amidst throngs of city folk.

“Living in Milton Keynes gives me a healthy balance of both, so I am happy to give something back to the town I now call home, by way of volunteering for The Parks Trust.

“When I'm not sat behind a desk being a marketing monkey for a lesser-known university, I enjoy spending time doing the outdoors. on a bike, on foot and on a few occasions, on a boat with a paddle.

“As age and middle spread about me, I am oft found in the gym on lunch breaks trying to stave off the inevitable; lifting heavy things and listening to ‘motivational’ music.

“I started my beard journey in 1991/2 when ‘Grunge’ was all consuming, and I had the ubiquitous ‘chin-goatee’. Fast forward through a shaved face to 2011, when I started a beard proper for Beating Bowel Cancer's Decembeard. I've been bearded ever since.

“You can view my escapades via Instagram mostly.”

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