Tim O'Hara from Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

“Wow! What an honour to be featured here with such a great group of bearded brethren.

“I am one of the founding members of a club called Mountain Men of Canada. We are just a bunch of guys who run around in the woods acting like Grizzly Adams.

“I am an artist and leather crafter. I am married and have a 35yr old daughter who has NEVER seen my chin.

“My wife is a fantastic lady and my best friend who supports me in everything I decide to do no matter how ridiculous; well, except for the time I decided to shave my beard down to a short goatee.

“My beard at the time measured 23 inches from the bottom of my lip to the end of the beard. That she was NOT cool with, and cried for days...”

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Timothy Shawn O'Hara